Pelvic Bone Pain Is It Normal

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GC - December 21

Hi all, I am 26 weeks preg, for the past couple of day i have pain in my pelvic bone area. I dont have pain during the day time, i get pain in the midnight while getting up from the bed. I dont feel the pain otherwise. Does anybody had this problem?. Is it normal or anything serious that i should call my doctor?. Please help.....


Counting Down - December 21

Hi GC, it is totally normal. I am nearly 34 weeks and have been having pelvic pain since the end of the 2nd trimester. As my baby has gotten bigger the pelvic pain has become worse. I notice it if I have been walking a lot or if I have been in one position for a long time. I think the discomfort has something to do with the weight and position of the baby but I'm not too sure.


Jaci - December 21

It so normal. I was fine up to about 381/2 weeks. I now only have 2 days left and I can barely walk, get up from bed, sit, etc. It used to only hurt when I was sitting or laying in the same position and I got up but now it's constant. I think it's our body getting us ready for the pain of birth....'cause sometimes it hurts and feels like I'm giving birth! : ( Good luck!


GC - December 21

Thank you both of u for helping me


momthymes3 - December 21

Good luck Jaci!!! are you due in 2 days or are you having a c/s? You are sooo lucky ! I still have 2 1/2 weeks to go! do you know if you are having a boy or girl?


Skyla - December 21

It started for me at around 25w as well. When I mentioned it to my doc. She explained that you have a thin layer of muscle sorounding your belly that may detach from your pubic bone, henz the pain. Also you have ligaments that get stretched from your belly growing. Doc. said there is nothing they can do and that it will probably get worse, but best thing to do is not to stand for too long... bla bla bla all the normal stuff don't over do it..... Hope this helpsm :)


Jill - December 21

I have the EXACT same problem. It's sooo painful I can't sleep at night. I dread bedtime - I try sleep sitting up. It's miserable - and I'm one day overdue - so it only gets worse and worse. I hope you don't have to deal with it this long. Good Luck!


Jaci - December 21

Hi momthymes3....I'm not having a c/s....I'm being induced on the 29th if my lil' man isn't here. It's a boy...Zachery James is his name. I hope he comes before xmas 'cause my dh's brother and his wife are up for xmas but leaving the 26th (they live 2 states away) and his sister and her hubby are coming the 23-31st and they are states away too. And my inlaws live an hour away so I am hoping he comes soon...before I'm induced so everyone can see him!


momthymes3 - December 21

Jaci, That would be really neat if he comes while all your family is here! I love Zachary...My best friend Roxanne named here son Zachary. I'm due around the 7th first they said the 6th now they are saying the 8th. My Fiance is totally squimish so Rox is coming in from TX to be my coach. We are having a girl Nicole Summer. Since we live in the Desert and my fiance is a pro waterskier we thought summer would fit her for a middle name. I hope you go into labor on Friday let me know!


Rachel.R - December 21

I too started getting the pelvic area pain about 26 weeks.. I found it really hard to get out of bed, walk, and even lift my legs sometimes... I spoke with my doc bout it, and she told me, nothing to worry about that its normal.. Im 36 weeks and occasionally still get this pain.. but its not usually until late at night.. especially if i have been out on my feet all day.. or sat at home and done absolutely nothing. There is nothing you can do to make it go away... Just have a warm bath.. and relax.


sara - December 21

heyy i thought i would let you all know that while some pelvic pain is normal alot can be a problem. my doctor didn't realize my daughter was so big (8lbs. 10 oz.) out of me who's 5'7" and 120 lbs. so she ended up splitting my sacro-illiac joints and i was in pain for months after having her. so keep your dr. informed. best wishes.


Casey Bentley - December 22

Hi GC. I am 30 wks along and I began having the same pelvic pain around my 26th wk also. I mainly have the pain during the day instead of the night. I sit behind a computer all day at work and it is hard for me to get up sometimes due to the pain. haven't experienced it at night. I'm glad I found this site cause now I know others are experiencing the same thing and as far as I can tell is nothing to really worry about. good luck to all of you...



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