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C - August 9

I will be 32 weeks tomorrow and was wondering when the internal exams will start. I'm really dreading it but want to be prepared. It's so hard to shave my legs never mind my bikini area!


Shannon - August 9

I didn't have my cervix checked till I was 37 weeks but I think most ob's start checking around 36 weeks and every week after that.


miranda - August 9

It depends on your dr. Mine starts at 36 weeks, but some don't do it at all unless necessary. Some people say that frequent checks increase the risk of infection.


Jbear - August 9

My doctor told me before he started checking, I guess so I'd be prepared. I did shave my legs, but I didn't bother with the bikini area...last time I tried to shave there it looked like a ma__sacre! I was expecting it to be uncomfortable, because when I had my first baby and they were checking me in the hospital it really hurt, but this didn't hurt at all.


Babygirls1st - August 10

I am 36 wks and had my Group b test and pelvic exam all together.Doc says i probably wont get another exam until 2 more weeks...My appts. are now weekly


Nick - August 10

my doctor started internals at my 36 week appointment. I was happy to have it because he was able to tell me that I was 2 cm dialated and 80% effaced. I can't wait until this weeks exam to find out if I have made any progress.


Amber M. - August 10

I think its 36 weeks! Myne will be next week, 36 weeks also. It's actually for the Beta Strep test...not sure if they'll chack for anything else. I'm planning on shaving, but it's gonna be a challenge!


Unsure - August 11

This may sound stupid but how is the pelvic examination done? Does the doc have to use any sort of instrument or just gloves? I hope it doesnt hurt.


Amie - August 11

The dr won't use any instruments (if he is doing the strep test then its just a swab that he uses). You don't need to shave, doctors know that women are hairy there, so just be comfortable. Remember the only reason the dr will be checking your cervix is to see how you are progressing, and progress is a good thing! For me it doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable since the dr has to reach so for up inside. It's over with quickly. You can get spotting afterwards which is normal. Hope that helps!


Unsure - August 11

Thanks so much for the info Amie :) It helps to ease my mind of knowing whats it all about.


Amie - August 11

No problem, it's hard not knowing and its tough to ask. Glad I could help. :)


Stephanie - August 11

Ladies I make my husband shave my bikini area because I can't take the forest down yonder. Trust him... he won't hurt you! I had my hubbi do it my first pregnancy and this pregnancy. And to the question above my ob started those exams at 36 weeks! Good luck ladies!


MichelleB - August 11

Depending on your Dr, some do not do internals until they feel necessary. I will not have an internal done until/if I make it to my 40 week appointment, then we will be discussing induction.



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