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Renee-Marie - April 30

Alright ladies... help me out on this one. I have not read anything like this on this forum yet, so there might not be any comments to follow my post! LOL I was experiencing a burning sensation down by my pubic bone last week at night for two nights. It also at times felt like a sharp twinge. Anyway, since I'm at home on bedrest, and I had no idea what this was, I called my doctor and he said that it sounds as though my pelvis is seperating and that some women get this and that Iam just one of hte "lucky" ones. Well that makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER. Anyone else going through this? and if you have, does it burn and twinge when they are going back together too????


angelbebe - April 30

Was his comment about you being "lucky" sarcastic? Or was he simply commenting that you are lucky your pelvis is simply doing a normal process of opening up, due to hormones, in prep. for birth? There are so many nerves and what not down there. I get all kinds of sharp pains from time to time due to my uterus enlarging and the pressure that causes. I am 36 weeks though and I was expecting that. How far a long are you? If this is all that it is, I would expect your pelvis to return to normal after delivery with no pain. Our pelvis's are movable that way, unlike men's.


Renee-Marie - April 30

Im fairly certain that his comment was sarcastic. I am 33 weeks and counting! I was just not prepared for that pressure/burning feeling. Ouch!


starr - April 30

I am 33 wks also and I get the same feeling in my pelvic area sometimes. I also get pains in my hip area like my hips are loosening. I know this is a normal part of the birthing process. Actually your dr. was right about being one of the lucky ones because you could have problems getting the baby out if your hips and pelvis do not move enough for the baby to come through. I had a friend who could not push her baby out due to this. Good Luck.


mommietobe - May 1

Renee-Marie could you read my posting "Need advise" and let me know what you think? I'm going thru the same thing right now.



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