People Really Can Be Annoying

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Mrs.Steve - October 3

So two days ago, I was at my dd's school waiting to pick her up. One of the other moms walks up to me and goes " You MUST be having a boy." I said "No, it's a girl". She goes "Really, are you sure? Look at the way you're carrying. If you're having a girl, it would be the first time I've been wrong." Then, today at Target, I was trying to get a cart, as was the lady next to me. She had a toddler with her. She says to the toddler "Oh, look honey, she has a baby boy coming!" Then she looks at me and goes "It IS a boy, right?" I said "No, it's a girl". She says "Oh". I'm scared enough of all 3 of my ultrasounds being wrong without people saying stupid things.


Mrs.Steve - October 3

Not that I won't love my baby just as much if it's a boy, but my apt is packed to the brim with girl stuff, alot of which I wouldn't be able to return.


inuk-mama - October 3

oh don't listen to people who think they know it all when it comes to having babies! My MIL keeps telling me I'm having a boy too, but I know we aren't! You're ultrasound told you what you're having with some proof. These women are telling you what you're having based on what? The way you're carrying? Nope, doesn't cut it. Forget their opinions and enjoy your pregnancy! And your little girl when she gets here!


nicole12 - October 3

I know what you mean, I can't stand people that think they know every thing. The other day this lady that I work with that I don't get along with approached me and said "Oh my God, you're huge, are you sure there's only one?" I could have knocked her on the floor. I never talk to her and she had to say that of all things. Some people have a lot of nerve.


inuk-mama - October 3

or this one, " wow, you're looking very pregnant today!" Yeah, i'm 8 and a half months, isn't pregnant how I'm supposed to look? Some people are dumb!


c_baer19 - October 3

EVERYONE told me I was having a boy, and it was SO freakin' annoying. Strangers in the store would tell me the way I was carrying meant definitely a boy, and then my MIL and her family and my DH would be like, maybe you are having a boy - maybe the ultrasound was wrong! And I'm just like holy c___p, I had two ultrasounds and we clearly saw her parts, just shut up already! By the way, I did have a girl. So don't worry. =)


WP - October 3

We still don't know what gender it is (by choice), so I left myself totally open to these idiotic comments! If someone had told me that people were going to spend 9 months trying to CONVINCE me which gender it's going to be, I probably wouldn't have waited. I should have just lied to everyone and kept the surprise for us. Oh yeah, and my favorite thoughtless, insulting comment so far is: "you look bigger every time I see you" This has been said to me at least once-a-week by a neighbour who is MISSING MOST OF HER FRONT TEETH. And even being 9 months pregnant I'm at least 100 lbs. lighter than she is! You can imagine what I'm muttering under my breath when she says it!


CJMITCH44 - October 3

I had a lady at my work comment to me that my face was "really starting to fill out" .(I was in my second trimester at the time) I looked at her in disbelief for a moment before replying "Yeah I coulnd't help noticing the same thing about your a$$." Childish I know, but I couldn't help myself. I had just gotten out of the hospital having pa__sed the first of what would turn out to be many kidney stones, and I was still feeling pretty c___ppy. The nerve of some people though!


mrssolo - October 3

Okay so this might sound mean, so let me just state I was by no means a skinny person before I got pregnant. That said. I have a girlfriend who is at least 400lbs. and when I was abouth 4 months pregnant she said OMG your as big as I was at 9 months. Ha, when she was 9 months pregnant you counld not even tell she was pregnant she just looked like she swolled a few tires. Now I'm carring twins and I know I'm huge but I'm still at 29 weeks, not as big as her now and she had her dd 3 and 1/2 years ago. I mean I have over 6lbs. of baby in me now and I still have at least 8 more weeks to go. I told dh if I ever get that big to send me to weight watchers. She can't understand why I get offended at her comments. Does she just not look in the mirror. Like I said don't get me wrong I love her to pieces but now is not the time to compare me to her.


Mrs.Steve - October 3

At my shower on Sunday, my aunt was staring at my feet (I was wearing sandals) and she goes..."Do your feet swell"? I wanted to say, what the hell do you think?? At my shower for dd 8 years ago, that same aunt goes "Are you eating too much salt? Damn, look at your ankles." Yes, my freaking feet are swollen. I'm 8 months pregnant. Duh. My toes happen to look like Vienna sausages throughout most of the day, yes. She's not pregnat and her feet look like she stomps out forest fires for a living because she doesn't put lotion on them. Her toenails are dark, thick and crusty and she had the nerve to be wearing dirty white sandals that look like she fished them out of the bottom of Goodwill's "this isn't good enough for us" pile. Gimme a break.


micorazon - October 3

I have to agree...pregnancy seems to make people feel that they can say things that would be completely inappropriate at any other time. I have gotten to the point where I can zone out the comments but the one thing I still havent been able to deal with is people feeling like they can just reach out and touch your belly. I also find it interesting how many mothers with young children say make some of the most inappropriate comments when they were in the same boat not that long ago.


docbytch - October 3

Wow you guys...some really clueless people out there huh? I've heard the occasional "wow look at how big you're getting" from friends of mine..but no strangers. Maybe the strangers see me and think I might clock em' one in the chops if they say anything..LOL. People have compared my body type to that of a Valkyrie 8-) MRS STEVE your sausage comments resonated with me...I've been calling my feet stuffed sausages now for a couple months. WP: Next time said neighbor says something like say: My god you're missing another tooth it seems every time I see you!! HAHAHA!!


WP - October 4

Now THAT is a good one, docbytch! LOL I always wanted to tell her that she's missing so many teeth her tongue looks like it's in prison, but I've never had the nerve.


DaBonkElsMe - October 4

I had a complete stranger walk up to me this week and tell me her phylosophy on natural childbirth and then preceded to give my advice on raising children!! I have never walked up to a pregnant stranger for any other reason than to hold open a door, or help her pick something up off the ground! I don't know where people get the idea that pregnant women want to hear advice from strangers. Did they enjoy this while they were pregnant?? Note to self: never share birth story unless asked. Never tell a pregnant women she looks anything but beautiful!


cfuller - October 4

LOL, my own grandma and a man i used to work with have both been badgering me about how I'm "not having a girl" because of the way i'm carrying. My grandma thinks that because SHE carried a certain way with her boys that i must be having a boy too, even though two ultrasounds confirmed I really am having a girl. The old man I worked with thinks the ultrasounds must be wrong because HIS wife carried like me when she had boys and got more junk in her trunk when she had girls. He kept saying that to me every time I saw him and I finally got so fed up that I told him I'm not his wife and his annoying comments are not appreciated so if he can't talk about anything but that than he should shut the hell up! LOL my mom chewed him out one day too for saying the same thing. People you know are the worst about those kinds of comments.


AliG - October 5

Hi Mrs. Steve. I too was told by countless people from strangers to my MIL that I must be having a boy because of the way I was carrying. But I had 4+ ultrasounds because of complications and at each one the tech's said I was having a girl. My little one was born last week and she is definitely a girl!! People do say rude things and all we can do is try to laugh about how ridiculuous people can be.


inuk-mama - October 5

lol lastn ight my dear FIL told me again how I was having twins so I turned around and said, "if I have twins, it's cause you jinxed me so be prepared to be taking one of them" then we turned the joke around about how DH would come out of the delivery room and ask FIL to "pick one" it shut him up right quick! LOL And once I have our dd he will wish he never said anything because he bet me we were having a boy and said that if he's wrong, he'd buy me a round trip plan ticket to see my parents! HA well our ultrasound clearing shows our little GIRL with her legs up in the air, spread eagle proving that I was right once again! :) I love silly people with big mouths! ;)



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