Pereneal Massage Anyone Doing This

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Jenn2 - April 29

I have heard that if you massage your perenium with oil (usually evening primrose oil) 4 to 6 weeks before labor it can greatly reduce your chance of tearing? Anyone trying this, or doing this currently? any info on it?


angelbebe - April 30

I have heard this. What my midwife said is that more than anything it gets you familiar with the feeling of pressure on the muscles in the v____a. Keeping your pelvic floor relaxed while ma__saging the perenium is supposed to help. My husband and I have worked a bit with it (I am due in 4 weeks). It's not a pleasant feeling, but I'm glad to be getting familiar with it. Not sure about the primrose oil that early on however. I hear it can bring on contractions...maybe earlier than you would want. During labor, however, it might be good???


3babies - April 30

Hi, we teach this in antenatal cla__ses really just for the reason that it helps familiarise you with those muscles and relaxing them, just as angelbebe said. The studies done havent shown that it is particularly effective in preventing a tear, but my theory is, that as long as you have clean hands, it cant hurt!


Layla - May 1

i've been doing some reading on this and plan to try it. does anyone know what the proper technique is supposed to be if there is one?


tlew - May 1

Layla I was actually looking for the technique as well. Baby Center has some steps to follow here is the website. I am going to try this out, it seems like it will be helpful. good luck


Emily - May 1

My doc did this while in labor but didn't do anything before. It didn't help me. I had what she called a 3rd degree episiotmy. (meaning she had to make three cuts to make room for baby) But my dd was 9lbs and 12 oz and my doc wanted to deliver her soon as her heart rate was droping a I don't know if it would have helped had she not had to deliver her quickly......I doubt it would have helped much.....



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