Period Cramps And Back Pain

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jessie - October 3

I assume all is normal and fine with me, but I've had something along the lines of period cramps in my back for the past 3 days. Now, today, I have lower back pain as though everything is really tight. Could I be doing something (other than being pregnant!) that could prevent this?


Denisha - October 3

Jessie, how many weeks r u?


jessie - October 3

i'm 34 weeks today.


lisa - October 4

sounds like me im 37 weeks


CC - October 4

I'm 29 weeks I feel the same thing too! I don't know why!


SRG - October 4

I am going to be 35 weeks, and for the last week or so I have been having alot of cramping and lower back pain as well.


DENISHA - October 4



Mary - October 4

I will be 37 weeks on Friday and I am having strong cramps (irregular ones) and my belly is so freakin tight. I went to the doctor today and she is not concerned at all. I am in pain!


Carla - October 4

Hi all I'm told that the period like cramps are your ligaments in your belly and back stretching. Also the ligaments and muscles are all looser than usual (to prepare for childbirth) so this accounts for the pain. I am 24 weeks and have been feeling this for some time. Heat packs are good.


jessie - October 5

Thank You Carla! I've been researching it online and the only answers I can find are, if you're having back period cramps during your first trimester, you're at risk for a miscarraige. Well, I sure as heck am not in my first trimester and I really want to avoid being one of those women who call their doctor about every little bit of pain, since I'm finding out that most of it is normal. This is another thing to add to that list of normal pregnancy symptoms! (although I dislike it very much!)


Carol - October 5

I asked my doctor about this because I was having a few and in the past couple of days they are becoming more frequent. It literally feels like I need to run to the bathroom with a tampon in hand. Anyway she said that these were just more practice contractions and not to worry unless they were coming in a pattern. Which mine are not very sporadic, but I can have like ten or more a day. I am also starting to feel just huge and tight and basically stretched beyond the limits!


Valerie - October 5

Hi I am 37 weeks and have had these pains for the last week or so my husband made me this neat heat pack that works really well. He took one of his long socks and put rice in it then tied a knot. You heat it in the microwave for like 2-3 minutes then he rolls it on my back it feels great



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