Period Cycle Question

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Rainbowbrite - February 28

I read somewhere and am just seeing if this has held true to anyone who has already had a baby or anyone who has read or heard the same thing- but i read if your cycles before you got pregnant were shorter cycles then you'd more than likely deliver before your due date and if you had longer cycles then you'd more than likely be overdue? Has anyone else heard this or experienced this!?!?


mahagen - February 28

I have heard of that and never paid attention but I don't know if its by chance that it just happend to hold true to me because I am one who has longer cycles and with my first 2 babies they were overdue and my 3rd child I had to be induced at 38 weeks due to her being breech so not sure about her. I am hoping I can actually have a baby earlier than the due date for once so cross your fingers because my lo is sure to be around 7-8 lbs right now already. Lets see what others experiences are. I also was one that before pregnancy when I'm on bc I have shorter periods but without bc my periods last 1-2 weeks, UGH.


Rainbowbrite - February 28

Yeah i'm curious is this holds true as well!!! As before i got pregnant my cycles were really getting messed up and i was actually having a period every two to three weeks... so i was just wondering if that meant i'd be likely to go early or is this just a myth... i guess i could ask my midwife if this holds true at all as she knows of all my out of whack periods... so you're being induced at 38weeks how much longer is that for you- i know you're close to that now, right???


DDT - February 28

Before my 1st I had a 30-32 day cycle and a AF that lasted 5-7 days. He was a "on time" baby and was 7lbs at birth. So the myth doesn't hold true for me I suppose.


mahagen - February 28

I forgot to mention that I did have preterm labor with all my pregnancies including this one too but it was always the situation where they would give me a shot to stop my labor and I never dilated from the contractions.


lisa mc - February 29

funny that someone would think of that cause i have a 30 days cycle and my daughter was 2 days late!!!


Stephanie_31 - February 29

This does make sense because most people have a 14 day lutal phase. This is the time after you ovulate and before you start your period. The lutal phase doesn't fluctuate. So, generally, if you have a 26 day cycle you ovulate on day 12, if you have a 28 day cycle you ovulate on day 14, if you have a 32 day cycle you ovulate on day 18. This means if the doctor did your EDD based on a 28 day cycle and you have a longer cycle, you are probably going to be over due. If your cycle is shorter, than you will go early. My cycle is 34 - 36 days and my daughter was 6 days late. Of course all this goes out the window if your cycles are irregular or the doc used an u/s or the date that you actually ovulated to get your EDD.



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