Period Like Cramps

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Brenda - February 25

i have been have some cramps that seem simular to period cramps,im 35 weeks pregnant!anyone know what this is


April Mom - February 25

I'm only 32 weeks now, and I have been having this kind of cramps like once a day......for abt approx. a minute.. I am guessing that it is BH contractions. I'm really not sure...


Brenda - February 25

well im still having these cramps i have been having them all day every once in a while they move to my back


JennyC - February 25

my doc said BHs can feel either like menstral cramps, or like a really hard belly. Sounds like you've got BH, but if it happens all day and doesn't go away, I would call your doc.


cat - February 25

I have had BH since I was 14 weeks. Now that I am approaching the end(37 1/2 weeks), I have noticed the BH are stronger, longer, and sometimes feel like menstral cramps.


to Brenda - February 26

I get them periodically throughout the day... & get them more & more as I progress through pregnancy. I'm 32 weeks now. My ob says it's BH contractions. I think so too.


Jaime - February 26

Brenda, I am having the same sort of pains and back pain. I don't know about you but mine are definately not Braxton hicks, because my tummy doesn't tighten. Also I have been on medication for premature labour contractions since 27 weeks ( I am now 34 weeks) and these pains are totally different. I think that it is a sign that prelabour has started. Having said that prelabour can go on for up to 4 weeks. I had the same pains with my son who was born at 35 weeks. I hope that this helps. I'm afraid that there are no easy answers when it comes to pregnancy and labour.


Brenda - February 26

I deffinitley dont think there BH contractions either!and im still kind of having them just not as bad as yesterday!


Lyn edd 8th april - February 27

im not sure if this helps but when i was 31 weeks i had a bloody show with period type cramps after the bloody show had stopped i was still getting the pains so i asked my doctor and he said its most likely my cervix preparing it self for birth ......hope this helps im now 34 weeks 2 days .......the count down is on good luck ladies


Kel - February 27

I get them too. I am also 35 weeks. My doctor asked at my appointment last week if I was having any contractions and I said I wasn't sure, but that I was having some cramps and he said yep those are contractions. Mine are spuratic so they must be BH.



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