Period Like Pains Anyone

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mira - February 25

Im 31 + weeks and for the past few days ive been noticing period like cramps in my lower abdomen .. it happens mostly when im tired/over worked or when something upsets me. Does anyone else also get these & is it normal at this stage in pregnancy?


babyonboard16 - February 25

I've had them and my doctor didn't seem concerned when I called in and told me to take tylenol...that day I was stressed too, but I was only 29 weeks.


Gretta - February 25

I had those too around the same time. They are totally normal. Drinking more water can help too.


lolita - February 25

ve had them throughout my whole pregnancy, I get them about once a month just like my period. Very strange! I think also when Im stressed I carry my stress in my lower abdomenand back, which can probably cause cramps Im guessing. I hope it doesn't effect my baby! Im at 37 weeks and shes been doing good so far!


Sonrisa - February 25

I had it as well around the same time. I was told to drink water and lay down if it happens for a little while.


mary b - February 26

I had the same pain around the same was almost xmas and i was doing a lot of shopping and at night had was scary, but the best thing for me to do was take it easy the next day and double up on my water intake..from what i understand water is the best way to ward off the cramping...


crystal74 - February 26

i have these period pains all the time and my dr. said they are braxton hicks contractions. i drink tons of water a day, like 60 oz at least and i still get them


Atira36 - February 27

I am 34 weeks & have experienced period like cramps while lying down. I was told it's normal- just your body getting ready.


HoneyB - February 27

I get cramping when I stand around or walk too much/too long. My cramping is not in my abdomen, it's actually more like in my v____a, but it's the same as some of the cramping I get during my period. My doctor just told me to take it easy when I feel the cramping


SaraH - February 27

I'm 34.5 weeks and have been getting mestrual like cramping off and on for the last few days too. I know they aren't BH's as I've been having those for weeks and these are different. I'm guessing it's just my bodies way of getting more "prepared."


mira - February 27

thanks everyone :) i feel better knowing that other people are in the same boat & its all "normal"!



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