Persistent Back Pain Starting 35th Week

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Emy - January 9

Anyone else have back pain? Is this normal? Sometimes I have BH contractions with it, but the dull back ache stays. I have called my doctor and she says that since it is not a low back ache (it is more in the center of my back) that it is normal. But I would love to know if any of you are experiencing the same thing?


allison - January 9

yes! I'm 35 weeks and I have aches in the centre of my back as well and sometimes my belly aches too. The worst bit is that it has kept me awake due to the discomfort.


Jaime - January 10

I'm 31 weeks & my back hurts so bad.It is mostly on my left side in my rib cage.I don't know how much more I can take of this.I have(no joke)played musical beds for about a week.My son asked me every night which bed in the house I'm sleeping in.My poor husband ,2 nights in a row has slept on the chase lounge. While I toss and turn on the couch,he just waits for me to ask to move to another room.Im in pain,so if anyone has advice on how to ease the pain-Please share.Emy hope you feel better!


Erin - January 10

Same here. I'm 33 weeks now and my mid back and right back hurt like mad. I've found that getting on all fours helps a lot. Now there's no way I can do this at my office, so I try to lean forward towards my desk and prop my chin on my elbows to look at the computer screen. When I get home and the pain is unbearable, I get on all fours for a few minutes and the pain goes away since the weight of the baby is drawn away from your body. Taking a warm/hot shower helps to ease the pain too. HTH.


Brittany D. - January 11

im 29 weeks and i was having the WORST pain ever on my left side under the rib cage,just like you,Jaime.But i had just bought a feather bed thinking it would help my back,but NO,WRONG!it made it way worse!but i took it off two days ago and now my back is almost back to normal!i have noticed its better to sleep on a more firm matress!hope i helped,oh and for pain my doctor prescriped me tylenol #3's


Chris - January 11

I have a dull ache most days in the center of my back too. I'm sure it's from the weigh of my stomach and watermelon sized b___bs.



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