Pesky Sister In Law HELP ASAP

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Ali - March 2

I am so sick of my sister in law. She doesn't think that my husband and I should be having a baby because our marriage is so new. We practically had a honeymoon baby. Everytime we get together as a family she constantly criticizes me for being pregnant. How do I get her to shut up? I dont want to ruin the relationship because family is important to my husband? Is there a nice way to tell her to "mind her own damn business?" Being 30 weeks pregnant, you dont have a lot of patience for people. HELP


Melissa - March 2

I would kindly take her aside, or invite her out for lunch or coffee. Then I would talk with her honestly about how her comments are making you feel. Just be nice about it and be honest. Or, just try to ignore her, or have your husband talk to her. It is his sister. Good luck!


P - March 4

Talk to your hubby. Tell him if he doesn't get her to lay-off, you will. Why does she think it's any of her business anyway? I'm 38 weeks and waaay too cranky to put up with b/s like that.


Heidi - March 4

Hi!! I think that is just awful for her to be acting that way with you. I would think that is you and your husbands business not hers. If she is not happy about you two having a baby then she should keep her opinions to herself. Does your husband ever defend you or the baby?? I would try to talk with him about this and if he cannot back you up then I would have a chat with her yourself. I try to keep my opinions to myself with my husbands family, but sometimes I just have to speak up. Let us know what happens!! Good luck to ya.


Naomi - March 5

I guess I am lucky I am in the opposite. My husband and I found out we were pregnant just before we got married! we were planning the wedding and had everything set and then found out. his family is thrilled and so is mine! everyone has been so supportive. In fact due to the fact that I am pretty new to where we live and don't know many people his sister is throwing me a baby shower sunday! now let me fill you in on the funny part of all husband is a year younger than my mom he is 20 years older than me and his sister is 50! I am kinda shocked that his family has taken to me the way they have but they love me and are glad that we are happy! I do agree with Hiedi though you need to have your husband defend you and if he won't than i would just sit down and talk to her about it.


Lili - March 10

Tell her that as long as you and your husband are happy and excited about the baby, that is really all that matters, and turn it around on her by saying that maybe she is insecure about being a good aunt and taking it out on you, good luck!


Emily - March 16

Sounds like she is unhappy about her own life, otherwise she wouldn't be putting so much energy into judging she jealous maybe? My husband and I will have a 1 month old on our first anniversary. He is 33 and I am 27 and both wanted to kick start a family. Bottom line is it is you and your husbands decision. I would go through your husband if you are worried about how to talk to her. I have had to do this with my mother-in-law.


Jenny - April 3

What a jealous b___h! I would tell her exactly what I think of her and let the chips fall where they may. She asked for it!


Stacey - April 3

Next time ask her what she wants you to do about it? Since she won't have an answer, then tell her to accept the baby and love it because its coming. I'm 39 weeks and celebrate my 1 year anniversary on April 24th. My guess is she is jealous of you. I would point out her criticisms and tell her they hurt your feelings. She may not even realize what she is doing.



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