Pets And A New Baby

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lainey - March 15

I have a dog who is almost a year and 2 cats. I am worried about my dog with the baby once she comes. my dog is used to getting all the attention and i don't know what he will be like when he doesn't get all of it. I am due in 2 months and not sure what to do. any suggestions?


PP - March 15

My dog is the apple of my eye. She is 8 almost 9 years old and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I am going to include my dog in everyaspect of my babies life. Just to make the trasition easier we set up the baby's room and we let her check everything out. She is very protective of me so I think she will protect the baby too. I am also planning on sharing any extra milk with her and treats. All I can say is let her set terms and don't neglect her. She can get petted while you are holding the baby. Let her sleep with you when you nap etc.


Naomi - March 16

I have a teacup pomerianian she is our little baby Girl (having my 3rd boy). Your little pooch should do fine if you introduce him to the smells of the baby and try to pay attention to him while you hold your little bundle. it will be an adjustment for you all but if you introduce him to the smells and stuff it should help the transition go a little smoother.


try it - March 19

We have two dogs and they recieve all our attention. I talked to the doc about it and she recommends, that you bring home the recieving blanket first, that way the dog can get the scent of the baby before it arrives. Also, try carrying something around (we carry a roll of papertowels), and treat it kind of like you would a baby, this way the dig won't be too shocked to see all these new activities going on. I'm due in a week, and the dogs are great with the papertowels, they know if I have them then to keep their distance. It may sound funny, but I would do anything to make sure they get along.


L - March 24

I also read that when you get home from the hospital, leave baby & dad out in the car for a few minutes while you go in & have some time with the pets, then, after a few minutes have dad bring the baby in & intriduce will already smell like the baby when you go in, so this will get them aquainted with the scent & then they will meet the baby! No matter how much you trust you dog though, NEVER leave them alone with the baby, EVER!


PP - March 24

L: Why can't the dog be alone with the baby? My dog has been unattended with children. Both infants and toddlers. I have been home but I was in another room etc. My dog stands guard for the child and actully keeps my nephew contained. All she wants is a sc___p of food or cuddled with. Heck last time a watched my nephew he decided to play in her food and fed her one piece at a time. She loved it.



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