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Ashley86 - November 27

was born on November 23rd, 2007 at 12:38 pm weighing 7 lbs 3 oz at 19 and 3/4 inches long. All I can say is that it was a BEAUTIFUL birth. I have never been happier. I was so scared this whole time for nothing. I went in for the induction at midnight (12 am, 23rd) when I got there they got me in the room, had me pee, then hooked me up to a hydrating IV and at (seriously no joke here) at 12:38 am (literally 12 hours before he was born!) they inserted a cytotec pill and told me that in 4 hours at around 4:30 they would bring another one if my contractions weren't too hard, and then gave me an Ambien to help me fall asleep. I woke up at about 5 am and asked as to why they didn't wake me up yet and they said I was having regular contrx from the first dose still.but then 30 minutes later they gave me another dose. The nurses were telling me they were surprised I wasn't reacting more since I was having some pretty moderate contrx...but I didn't really feel anything but gassy. At about 630 am I went to the rr and noticed some pink and what I guess was my plug...I reported it and laid back down thinking nothing of it. Soon a nurse came in to start some paper work regarding circ_mcision and info for the birth certificate etc and in the middle of it, I had sat up for water broke! All I said was so...I think my water just broke? And she was just like "That's good we'll get this done and then we'll check" and Paul was all wide eyed and he was like "Isn't this the part where we panic??? Her water just broke!" Lol. (That was always what he had planned to go by as to when I was gonna be in labor) Anywho, we finished the paperwork and they came to check and sure enough, it was my water. So, soon after my doctor came in and checked me (by this time Paul had called everyone to tell them hurry and get there and that my water broke! Lol!) I was only about 1-2 cm still at this point which was around 8 am now...and the dr gave me a catheter and I laid back down. Soon (10ish...after this point I start losing track of time though lol)) the contrx got stronger and a little harder and they gave me some Nubaine when it got closer to 11 or whatever into my catheter and I told them I really only needed half cuz it wasn't really that bad. After about 30 minutes of Nubaine offering no relief and dealing with the contrx with breathing, I told them maybe that other half would be nice now cuz they're only getting stronger. She looked at my monitor and they were really strong, so she was like actually, we'll give you that Nubain and then we'll check you...I was 4-5 cm and they said I was ready for an epidural. I heard the horror stories of some girls waiting too long, so even though I could deal at this point with breathing still, I knew if anything, I didn't wanna lose my chance! LOL so I said yea, that's good. Now, they started getting really hard and my mother and husband and stepMIL were holding my hand and giving me ice, and I wasn't screaming or moaning, just breathing fast (hee hee hee WHOO hee hee hee WHOO) was how they could tell I was having one. I can't say contrx hurt...they just pressure (this is just me) they were like the feeling of constipation where you HAVE to go, but you know you don't so it's frustrating..and you breathe through it, kinda like you're trying to regain your composure) (which still wouldn't be bad if they weren't literally almost one right after eachother, but honestly, it wasn't painful...just REALLY annoying) anyway, the anesthesiologist came in and like, NO JOKE, he put the epidural in, I had a contraction, and then all of the sudden I was like I HAVE TO PUSH NOW! I almost cried because they JUST checked me 30 minutes ago and I was 4-5, so I was so afraid Phoenix was gonna try to come before I was open enough and get hurt but they checked my cervix and just like that I WAS COMPLETE! Did I mention the doctor told me not to expect him to 6 or 7 that evening!!! It was only just after noon! So he wasn't expecting to have to be there! Finally he showed up 10 minutes later (AT THIS POINT 10 minutes was a blur but also forever!!! I was like "Please tell him to hurry! Please!") He got there, and around 12:27 ish I imagine, and after around 9 series of pushes ( I couldn't feel the pushing urge due to the epi really so I had to do a few practice pushes) When he was ready he was like ok, he's coming out on this one push hard, and then there's the head, and then a wriggly body sliding through and that was it! It was so amazing and beautiful and not even the least bit painful and he was perfect on the AGPAR and didn't tear. I felt so blessed to have had it that easy. No episiotomy, no tearing, quick labor, virtually painless. Everyone who was there said it was beautiful. And I was up and walking within 2 hours. :) So glad the birth story I have to share was a happy one and I am perfectly ok to have another one. Paul and I are so happy to have our little boy. :) I would do it again any day...I would do the hardest labor actually, for my little joy, anytime anywhere. He is so worth it.


jessieb - November 27

wonderful story, congratulations!


Tan - November 27

CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW THAT WAS A PERFECT LABOR AND BIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE!!!!!!!!! TAKE CARE!!!!!!!!!!!


January - November 27

Sounds wonderful.. We've said it so many times, when these babies are ready, they are READY and they don't fool around when it comes time to come out lol. Congrats!


staci - November 27

Congratulations Ash!!! So happy for you and so good to hear you both are happy and healthy! I am relieved for you that you had such a smooth delivery!!! Congrats again!


Buffi R. - November 28

Congratulations! Your story gives me hope that my labor will be that wonderful too. I'm looking at an induction on Dec. 14 two weeks before my due date (diabetic) and I'm afraid my body won't take to it very well. You inspire me!!!!!! Best wishes to you and your new family.


VenusdiMilo - December 2

Congratulations! Enjoy your bundle of joy. ~Blessings~


HeavenisMine - December 2

Must be a Phoenix thing, my girl had a perfect apgar too :) Congratulations and so many blessings for the two of you, thank the Lord your epi worked :(



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