Pickles And Ice Cream

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ironmama - June 19

Hey Ladies, i've got a fun question: What have you absolutely had to have this pregnancy, and what has made your stomach turn? I'll go first... every day i HAVE to have my french vanilla organic yogurt (o its soo rich and yummy- full fat of course) and i mix in fresh strawberries and bananas.... And the sad sad thing that's made my stomach turn the whole pregnancy even though i really want it is coffee-- so bummed about that one. O and just in case there's a pattern to what we crave, say if you know you're having a boy or a girl... i dont know what i am having though...


Precious - June 19

they say that if u crave sour stuff your having a boy.. and if u crave sweets its a girl. well in my case im having a girl i did infact love sweets and stayed away from soury stuff.. my SIL had a boy n she was all over sour stuff... but then again it can be all mental lol. But i kinda believe in it. Also if u like alot of veggies instead of fruits.. they say it can be a boy. but i do know a girl who enjoyed sour type foods n she had a girl. so who knnows. I've had smoothies, ice cream, sweet snacks thru my whole pregnancy.. ive been staying away from sour foods or anything with strong flavor. I have to have an apple though GALA apple .. it helps wit heartburn but its also soo tasty.. but i cant live without smoothies.. lol


DDT - June 19

I craved fruit...lots of fruit! (especially green grapes & oranges), milk, icecream, popcorn & chips with both my pregnancies. I have two boys.


DDT - June 19

Oh and with both pregnanices I couldn't stand meat. Red meat repulsed me and I could only eat small portions of chicken.


gabbysally - June 19

I majorly craved/still crave veggies, especially tomatoes, and I'm having a girl. also, am obsessed with pickles and green olives lately, both sour, and I'm having a girl remember so none of those myths apply - unless casey comes out a boy and then I'm totally screwed, she already has a lifetime supply of clothes and her room is done all girly! the other thing I'm obsessed with is pancakes and waffles. I've really had no aversions, at first shrimp (which I usually love) was making me gag, but I like it again now :)


gabbysally - June 19

oh, and I can't get enough of vinegar on things (but I've always been like that) - another sour for the girl team! - and DDT made me remember, I'm loving a ton of watermelon and green grapes. I've had no cravings for sweets at all though except for fruit (and an occasional candy bar).


Cookie - June 19

my child is going to come out with fish gills and covered in chocolate..seriously I have had to back myself off, i ate so much fish...and chocolate...weird...and liqurice (sp?)...lots of cheese and tomatos too...went off Pork in a hard way with my first and have never really been able to eat it since...not really off anything...but my teeth have become so sensitive that anything chilled kills me...


Mommyof1 - June 19

Okay, I have a really weird craving please don't laugh. SPONGES. I really don't want to eat them I just liek to chew them for some reason. I did the same thing with my first I can't explain it. Has anyone ever had this craving or something similar?


bellybubble - June 19

Mine has been sweet stuff all the way - nothing wierd in that except when not pregnant I never ate sweet stuff - was more into savoury. No put anything with sugar, chocolate or icecream in front of me and I inhale it!! Mommyof1 - that is a strange craving but I have heard of women wanting to eat soap, dirt and all sorts of wierd and wonderful things - I think I would prefer to have your sponge chewing fetish then the soap and dirt ha ha. Also I think some women want to smell wierd things that they shouldnt like cleaning products and petrol - the pregnant mind and body is a strange strange thing hee hee x


ironmama - June 19

o yeah i have heard of people craving dirt and things like that-- it usually points to a vitamin deficiency of some sort.... i remember when i was pregnant with my son i had been vegan right before, and smelled chicken cooking, and that was the end of that :) i was really big into chicken and peanut b___ter cookies-- craving protein big time. This time around i've been craving bloody steak-- like so bloody it still moos! hahahah


samantha_2629 - June 19

My big weakness is ICECREAM!! I love icecream now, which is weird because before I was pregnant I did not have a sweet tooth at all. And I'm having a girl :) I swear I can eat icecream all day long


softbreeze200 - June 20

Well, going by my cravings I should be having one of each!! At the begging I was so sick that I didn't like anything at all, but once I hit about 6 months and got my appet_te back.. holy man.. I like pretty much anything that I can get my hands on!! Sweet, sour, salty mild, doesn't really matter. But I am having a girl, so I am sure I don't fit into any of the typical catagories!! Lol!! For someone who ate like a bird before preggers.. wow can I pack it away now!! :)


LIN - June 20

No way Precious, when I was pregnant with my son all I wanted was chocolate stuffed with chocolate dipped in chocolates! The darker the better. I normally prefer salty over sweet, too.



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