Pictures At Hospital

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Kims_new_belly - February 28

I was wondering who is thinking of getting them done......I'm not sure about other hospitals/areas...but at my hospital while you are still there, usually right before you go home, you can get pictures done of your lil bundle with weight,date, name printed on, for announcements, souvenirs etc. These also get a bit pricey depending on the package. I haven't decided yet or if i'm going to bring my lil one to a photographer where i can get more poses. anyone opinions?


missycc4 - February 28

I'm going to go to Walmart when my baby girl gets here because then I can have the whole family in on them. I think it would save more money then going and having it done twice. You can see if the hospital will give a small pic and you can take them to a copy place and make copies.


aliciavr6 - February 28

All the hospital pics Ive seen didn't look so good, poor lighting and blotchy red skin. I'll probably wait until after shes' born, then go somewhere.


danimarie - February 28

I have a friend that works for a photographer that does newborn pics and they say to try to get them done between 1-3 weeks old. I guess that way the baby still looks new but isn't quite as funny looking......


starlight_94 - February 28

I got mine done in hospital for myself...and made announcments with a pic I took. at walmarts photo lab with name date ect...40cents each with envelopes for copying hospital pics, it is illegal b/c they are professional pictures... most places WILL NOT sell them to you...look up copyright law.... go to to see all the styles and borders for cards,my family loved them and I spent $20 total...


mary b - February 28

I have never seen a good hospital pic, don't waste your rmoney!!! Your better off taking pix yourself and taking them to walmart or go online and buy your own...


amybaby2 - March 1

i purchased the smallest package, just to have the pic, and then took her to a photographer when she was 10 days old. they are usally swollen, and dont look much like themsleves, but i wanted to have one to put in her sc___pbook


excited2bemama - March 2

I am not getting those done I think I will wait a few weeks till she loses that red, puffy newborn look and then dress her in something really cute and have hubby take pics with our digital camera- if DH was so good at photographry I would wait a few weeks and take her somewhere like wal- mart or sears.


Kims_new_belly - March 2

yes i'm thinking that we will bring our lil one to walmart or sears a few weeks after. I'll have to phone around to see who offers the labelling of birth weight, date. but i'm sure that won't be a problem. thanks alot ladies


cindernar - March 2

I'm glad I got those done, just so I could go back and see what my son looked like right after he was born, but the ones I truly treasure are when he was 6 weeks old. By then, he wasn't looking so much like a newborn and was so cute! I think this time, I'll get the cheapest package -- just to give to close relatives, and wait until he starts smiling to get some really good ones done.


mary b - March 2

I wouldn't waste your money, i have never seen a good hospital pic, save the money for a better place.....



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