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sparkles - February 6

I was just wondering if anyone else doesn't want pictures or certain pictures taken in the hospital? I never really thought about it until I recently saw pics of my sister after she had her baby and they were not flattering at all! She looked like she'd been hit by a mac truck and left in her hospital bed. She, also, looked very swollen and uncomfortable. It was literally the worst pic I'd ever seen taken of her before. I don't mind having a pic or two taken of me and the baby (for my own photo album)in the hospital by the nurses or my family, but don't want them shown to other people. I'd rather wait until I'm at home if people want pics of me with the baby. That way I have had a chance to look decent. My concern is mainly about my MIL, as she likes to show or email pics of me to people I don't even know. The last thing I want to have a pic of me sitting in my hospital bed in a flimsy gown looking like c__p after I've just popped a baby out my crotch being shown to everyone and their brother. Am I the only one who feels this way?


Kel - February 6

I feel the same way you do. I am hoping that everyone will be so excited with the arrival of the new one that they will forget about me and just snatch pictures of her! I've also heard that a lot of people use black and white film for pictures after birth and it can cover up some imperfections.


andrea - February 6

tell everyone no cameras. it would be rude of them not to understand where you're coming from. If you don't feel comfortable with it-then don't let them take pictures. Mine didn't look too bad, but I have seen some people's where I was surprised they would even show them to me because they were so bad. It's hard-if not impossible to look good after labor.


mel - February 6

to me....the pictures are more about preserving my own memories rather than something to show everyone. when I had my son, I origonally didn't want a camera brought in to the delivery room, but my mom snuck one in there anyone. now I cherish those pictures with all my heart. I look, just like you said, "like a mac truck hit me. not flattering at all. but the whole experience of my sons birth was so surreal and dreamlike that I can look back on those pictures now and cherish every precious moment. I'm truely thankful for them.


Beth - February 6

I am only allowing my dh into the delivery room (and my mom if she can make it) but the only camera will be mine (loaded w/ black and white film) to take pics as soon as the baby is out. I am hoping that the black and white film will make me look halfway decent! After delivery I am going to shower and try to get looking decent for visitors. Hopefully I won't look too terrible for thier cameras lol!


Girl Gilly - February 6

Yeah, I agree with you. Whenever I see pictures of friends in the delivery room I think - wow if that we were me I would not be showing them off to the whole world. So, my husband will be taking pics of the baby and me and him etc. but they will not be distributed out to anyone. My good friend's husband desperately wanted to film his daughter's birth. My friend was adamant that he was not allowed. He actually brought the video camera into delivery, but luckily got soo caught up in the birth that he did not do any filming! Can you imagine? That is so not for me!


sparkles - February 6

I definately plan on having pictures of my hubby, baby, and I when I'm in the hospital. I don't mind pictures of me with my family - I love my siblings and parents and would cherish pictures like that. But how do I handle the situation with my MIL? She actually took a picture of me and my belly before, then announced to me that she was going to email it to this girl that she knew who lived in another country, but stayed with them for a little while. I didn't care for this girl and couldn't understand why she needed a picture of me and my belly. I know that the MIL will be emailing these pics to people I don't know or taking them to church (unfortunately, we go to the same church) and showing people there. And if they are hideous, all those people are going to see them! On top of that, my hubby thinks that I'm just being demanding and picky and that the no picture thing is not going to work. He only knows what it's like to be a spectator in this wonderful game of pregnancy and L&D. How can I get him to understand where I'm coming from and my feelings?


Grantsmom - February 7

I agree with Mel. I just had a my first baby 2 months ago and I treasure those pictures. Yea I look like c___p, but only my hubby and I look at them. I certainly wouldn't be showing them off to everyone. Just have your husband or someone close to you take them. When I look at my pictures it helps me to really remember and re-live that moment when my son was born.


Grantsmom - February 7

Forgot to add, Everyone tells you that the birth of your child will be something you will never forget, and you will never forget it, but like Mel said it is so surreal. I didn't feel anything like I was expecting too. Even though I knew the baby was coming for 9 months and even during labor it's just not "real" to you until they lay that baby on your stomach. I was kind of in shock, I just couldn't believe he was finally here.


Michelle - February 7

People you know will know what you look like normally, so even if you are swollen, red, etc 10 minutes after baby is born, you will treasure those pictures. Even to look back and, that is what having a baby does to you. My advice is to take the pictures, and if there are some really unflattering ones, simply get rid of them, delete them, etc.


To Sparkles - February 7

Is your mil going to be in the delivery room or are you concerned w/ the pics she will take in the recovery room?


sparkles - February 7

NO! She will certainly not be in the delivery room. But she will be coming to the hospital after the baby is born. I don't know what to do if she whips out her camera and starts taking pics of me. Because I know she'll show these pics or email them to EVERYBODY. I don't even want her to have them for her own photo album, as she'll show that to everyone, too. I just a__sume have her wait and take pics of me after hubby and I are home and I am able to look decent. I do have every intention of having someone take pics of me, baby, and hubby while in the hospital for my own collection of pics (then I can control who sees them or not).


To Sparkles - February 7

Yeah I figured your MIL would not be in the room. I think that after your delivery you control how much time before visitors are allowed in. So maybe you can shower and change and do a little makeup so you feel more comfortable with pics.



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