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Corrine321 - July 15

I just thought it would be fun to look at other peoples piczo sites! =) I just had my daughter a month ago! and her site is www.BrooklynnJune.piczo.com


sa__sifras - July 15

www.Sa__sifras26.piczo.com Is mine! I don't have any pregnancy pics up yet...


Angiconda - July 15

Sa__sifras your girls are absolutly adorable!!


Corrine321 - July 15

sa__sifras, Your girls are soooooo cute!!!


HannahBaby - July 15

Heres my site www.hannahbaby05.piczo.com There are tons of pictures of Hannah and im posting my 4d ultrasound pics there on wednesday.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

Ohh my gosh, she makes me cry! She is beautiful. I cant wait till my lil booger gets here!


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

sa__sifras, girl, your in big trouble in just a few short years. You have beautiful little girls. Your youngest is a spitting image of you. I would be tickled if my daughter looked that much like me. That is too neat. Honestly you just dont see babys look so much like their Moms these days.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

Hannahbaby is so d__n cute! I love the hannah faces collection, that is so funny. I cant believe you were able to captue so many different moods. I like the mean face, it cracks me up.


dy - July 15

all of your kids are so cute! i didn't even know that piczo existed, i'll have to get started on mine so that when my little one gets here i can post her.


sa__sifras - July 15

Thanks:) The oldest is actually my cheating (ex)boyfriends daughter, but I love her like my own. I love the pics on here girls!! Your babies are beautiful! I am excited to see your 4D pics HannahBaby, I had those with Olivia and can't find them!!


K8 - July 16

www.kateaaron.piczo.com but no baby photos yet, just my big fat belly!


young_mum_2_b - July 16

hey everyone my lil girls site is www.ourpreciousgift.com....Sa__sifras ur girls are gorgeous!! congrats for havin such cute kids! hannahbaby ur lil girl is gorgeous and ur ultrasound pics are so cute....and K8 ur bubby belly is awesome!! i miss mine now!!


Shannah - July 17

how doy ou get all the animated stuff on your sites?


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 17

young-mum, your sites not working, or missing part of the addy.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 17

k8-love the art girl, wish I had your talent


KLT - July 17

Mines www.mumblegrumble.funtigo.com I dunno why the piczo people routed me to funtigo?? Anyways, I don't really many captions up...but do have a bunch of pictures up. The site has been giving me tons of problems...anyone else?


boolie79 - July 17

i have just started my own piczo addy ... not too much there yet but addy is BooliesFamily.piczo.com



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