Pimples And Pregnanc Y

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L - March 28

Did anyone's face break out with pimples during pregnancy? When I was pregnant w/ my 2 girls, my face broke out with pimples. But when I was pregnant with my son, my face was nice and clear. Now I am 10 wks. pregnant and my face is already breaking out w/ pimples. Do you think I am having a girl again? Also, my nose tends to bleed now, just like my pregnancies w/ my 2 daughters. Do you think these 2 signs are significant w/ the s_x of the baby?


Toya - March 28

No...I got tiny little bumps on my forehead during the 1st part of the 1st trimester though.


Billie - March 29

I got pimples during my first trimester and now they are starting to return in my third. I don't think it has anything to do with the s_x of the baby. You had pimples with your girls and I'm having a boy.....?.....


Heidi - March 30

This is my second. My first child was a girl and my back broke out. I am now pregnant with a boy and it is the same thing. I knew I was pregnant cause my back starting to break out. I generally don't get them on my back!!!! Can't wait for this part to be over with! Good luck to ya.


tiff - March 31

well im having a boy and i break out with pimples. i guess its just natural and depends on your skin type.


Jenn... - April 3

I am having a boy. I get pimples and nosebleeds.


Danielle - April 14

I began breaking out on my face and my chest at the beginning of the 2nd trimester. I'm sorry to say nothing I do seems to help. I'm having a girl, but I don't know if I would react the same way with a boy since this is my first. Good luck!


wenling - April 14

There's this chinese old wives' tale that if you are carrying a boy, you will carry your baby in front and have good complexion thruout. And if you carry a girl, you'll have pimples, more visible weight gain on your whole body, puffed face and a red nose. I've a boy on the way and prety good skin so far. My cousin who had a girla few yrs back had very bad out break of pimples everywhere.. But, my doc says this is not at all accurate:)


Kymmi - April 14

I think it's just coincidence. I don't think the s_x of the baby has anything to do w/ your skin. I believe it's your body's reaction to pregnancy, period.


Cindy - April 14

I got more pimples than usual, but I think the pill usually helps me to not get them. I bought this acne gel from Mary Kay and it seemed to work wonders. Or, it was just a coincidence I stopped getting them once I started using the gel. I really don't believe that has anything to do with the s_x of your baby. Nose bleeds are also very common during pregnancy too, from what I've read.



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