Pitocin And How Long After Did You Deliver

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Trina_ - May 18

Just curious to those that have had pitocin. How long after you started getting it did you deliver? And were you dilated at all before you started getting it. I was 2cm dilated yesterday at my doc's appointment...and I'm getting induced monday morning with pitocin. The baby is pretty big right now and they don't want to let me go over 41 weeks with fear she may be too big by then to deliver va___ally. I was due on the 17th. Any stories would be appreciated. Thanks!


Mellissa - May 18

hi trina... i was induced with my daughter 2 1/2 years ago. i was 2 cm when they induced me. it took me about 17 1/2 hours after they started pitocin. 14 of it was pain free, so i was lucky. :)


kh - May 18

My daugher was born April 21 at 6:30 am. My water broke the evening of the 20th, so they started me on pitocin because my contractions weren't causing dilation. From the time I was started on the pitocin to the time she was out was 6 hours. Just remember that everyone's different though.


Trina_ - May 18

Yeah I've heard that all are different....I'm hoping on the short end of the different scale! haha Aren't we all hoping for that! :o) I'm nervous....but know that it'll all be well in the end.


mama-beans - May 18

Started pitocin Friday morning at 9am. Delivered my daughter TUESDAY morning at 1am. Pit turned off at night. Didn't have any dialation when I started. Good Luck!


krista28 - May 18

Started pitocin at 10 am, didn't end up delivering until 5pm. I was about 2cm when they induced me.


ash2 - May 19

my water broke at 10 am and i got to the hospital around 11:30. i was in labor for about 2 hours before they started pitocin and i delivered at 11:42 pm. pitocin is an awful drug and i hate it. it makes contractions worsen.....


jas - May 19

I wasn't dialated - they started at 8am and I delivered at 3:19 pm...


Emily - May 19

I was given pitocin to speed up contractions. I started haviong contractions on Friday at around 5am. I went to hospital Sat night at 11pm. On sunday norming my contractions were still strong but only 15 minutes apart still. Around 8 am they gave me the meds. ( was not yet fully dialated, if I was they wouldn't have needed it) I had my dd at 9 pm that SUnday night. so 12 hours after they gave the pitocin I had her. I was in labor for two days before that though.....


Emily - May 19

and I was like ash2, the drugs mad ethe contractions unbareable. I will never take it again with out the epidural first.


Trina_ - May 19

Yikes! Now I'm a little worried. I always heard that pitocin makes the contractions a lot stronger...and this is my first so I have no idea what to expect. Another thing...our hospital doesn't give the epidural. They will give some other sort of pain shot....but its nothing like the epi. Great. Well...maybe I'll go naturally before Monday. Pray for me! :o)


LA - May 19

It took me 21 hours to deliver. awful!


mama3 - May 19

Trina if this is your first baby its gonna be awhile. My dr started the pitocin and then broke my water after 4 hrs. I was 2 cm it took 13 hrs after he broke my water to have my first daughter. My 2nd would have been faster but the dr I had didnt want to come into the hospital till morning so I had another 17 hr. labor. With this one I was in labor already but when the dr tryed to break my water my baby went back to a -2 so she started the pitocin to help her back down. I was only on it for 2 hrs 47 mins. That was the fasted i ever labored. I went into the hospital at 5cm though. Hope this helps. Good Luck to you. Enjoy your new baby. Everything will be ok.


Jenn2 - May 19

I think it is different for every woman. I have a friend who got pitocin, and she said that her contractions were very strong, but that her labor went fast once they administered it. Also, she did not get an epi....which may have made a difference.


Trina_ - May 19

Yeah one of my good friends just had her first baby on Wednesday....got pitocin at 7pm and had the baby at 3:30am.....I thought that was pretty good for a first baby.


leahrebo - May 19

Hi trina, My water broke at about 7:30 pm with my daughter Peyton. I went to the hospital and wasn't dialting so they gave me the pitocin drip at about 11:00 pm. I had Peyton at 3:02 (actually felt like I need to push at 2:15 but the doctor had gone to sleep b/c he didn't expect me to go so soon), Everyone is different but it went very fast for me.


mommietobe - May 19

With my first pg, I got pitocin at 7am and went for 12 hours to the max dosage, didn't dialate but 1 cm. I was then given the option of more pitocin or scheduled cs. They tried induction with cervidil the day before. There was a hurricane coming, so I got discharged and went in a week later for a cs due to failure to progress and gd.



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