Placenta Calcfied Any One Else 36 Weeks

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michelle - October 30

am 36 weeks pregnant, scan showed my placenta is calcified. we don't know what grade , am waiting for another scan this week, has anyone else been told this, i hear it makes baby's come early?!


Lynn - October 31

Me too, I had a scan last week at 35 weeks and was told the placenta was starting to age. At my 34 weeks u/s the tech bet me I would go early. There was a lot of vernix in the amniotic fluid which means that the baby was starting to shed it at 34 weeks & babies don't usually start to do that until around 37 weeks. Do you have any health reasons to make the placenta age faster? I have gestational diabetes & high blood pressure which is why they started scanning me at 34 weeks. If the placenta ages enough, they may induce early.


erin - November 1

What symptoms did you guys have in connection with this? I've never heard of it before, is it dangerous for baby?


michelle - November 2

thanks for replys ladies. no symtoms i just had an extra scan as thought i was leaking turned out o be either discharge or wee, as the fluid in sac was fine, on the report it said placenta calcified, the doc i see a week later wasn't happy with report as it should've had more infomation as to how calcified it is.. i've got to count babys kicks now and must have more than 10 a day, have got to go to hospital tomoz for blood tests , scan and to see the doctor. looking forward to that and will be interesterd to see what the scanner says. also she weighed 6lbs at 34 weeks, will be 36 weeks on friday so can't wait to see how much she weighs now..... everyone thinks i will be early and have warned me to take hospital bag with me incase they keep me in and induce mw, i know she will be early, my body feels totally ready for her now. 2 people i know had a calcified placenta and they was both 2 weeks early, fingers crossed!!! its not dangerous but if placenta gets too old it stops feeding baby, ithink it just slows down.... keep me posted as to what happens at your next scan. michelle xx


Lynn - November 2

I have read that they give "grades" as to how calcified the placenta is. I don't know what my grade was, but on the BPP my score was 8/8 so it can't be that bad. I go tomorrow for my next scan, I'll update then! Let me know how your Dr. visits go.


Lynn - November 3

I went today & found out that my placenta is a grade III. The midwife wasn't worried about it. SHe said that at 38 weeks they'll start to do contraction stress tests to see how the baby reacts & if I go into labor before then, I should go to the hospital & get put on the monitor so they can be sure that the baby is tolerating them well. Other than that, the BPP went well, My cervix has not shortened at all, and I am a teeny tiny bit dilated, but not even 1 cm.



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