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KDR - September 27

I am 35 wks today and I have complete posterior placenta previa. I have had 2 bleeding episodes that were minor but scary all the same. Because of this previa, I have to have a c-section at 37 wks and that will be oct 12th. Of course, I am scared about more bleeding before then b/c I have been warned it can be severe and requiring a blood transfusion. I have been doing reading, which is the problem, and I have read that sometimes women might have to have a hysterectomy after they deliver the baby in order to stop the bleeding from the placenta. It took 2 yrs to get prego and I had to have IVF. This pregnancy has totally sucked from beginning to end b/c of nausea, vomiting, I have type 1 diabetes, I got told the baby had choroid plexus cysts (which have since resolved) had a car accident... honestly it's been one thing after the other and I've held it together pretty good so far but I think I am going to lose it any day now. I don't want to have a hysterectomy b/c eventhough this has totally sucked I wanted to have more than 1 baby. Of course, I am greatful that I am going to have a beautiful baby boy but now the thoughts of being sliced open and the potential complications are totally freaking me out. The doc tries to reassure me but he can't guarentee everything will be fine. I am crying and losing sleep and feeling like a complete nutcase. SO my question (FINALLY) is had anyone delt with this placenta previa or know anyone who has and how did it work out and was everything okay???? Thanks for your help in advance....


LN - September 27

I had a placenta previa that resolved on its own, but that was around week 20. However, a friend of mine had a placenta previa and also had a C-section scheduled, by the time she had a week left, her placenta had also moved! So there is always hope even at the end of the road. Besides that, I am afraid I cannot help give advice about your current situation.


falafal0 - September 29

Hi KDR, don't worry about things you ahve no control over (and it's so easy for me to say that) but it sounds like you're really getting yourself worked up. That's not good for either you or baby. I know only one friend out of my circle who had pp and she had a c-section, all was fine. It went routinely like any c-section. Of course like you said, no one can guarantee anything in even the simplest medial procedure. Reading things online can really get you going - everyone's done. You seem to find the worst info out there for your situation you take it on board. I had pp which corrected itself around week 18 with bleeding lasting nearly 6 weeks until it corrected itself and moved up and off the cervix. I'm now 32 weeks and going good. I truly hope all thigns will go smoothly for you. Just get the right info and take it as it comes. The emotional stress wil defintaely not help our body right now to prepare for what is going to go through. Let us know how you go XO


AliG - September 29

Hi KDR. Good luck. I only had partial previa and that resolved itself. So I was lucky. But I had a forum buddy friend awhile back who had complete previa and like you was worried about being forced into a hysterectomy. First I remember the risk of that is low but with any risk I completely understand your worry. What helped her was working out a very detailed plan with her doctor to state when she would and would not be willing to consent. In the end she had a beuatiful baby and no complications from the c-section. But sometimes taking back a little bit of control makes us feel better. Don't lose sleep- you are doing everything you can and worry is not good for either you or the baby. Good Luck.



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