Placentia Previa Anyone

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shellster - January 25

I am in my 16 week and an u/s showed a slight case of placentia previa. The Dr said it will probably just go away, but they will have me come back for another u/s in 10 weeks. Well when I got home I looked this up on the internet and it sounds a little scary, saying it could potentially threaten the life of the mother and baby and most of the time a c-section is required...which that part doesn't bother me. But being so early in the pregnancy, I'm a bit concerned so I was wondering if anyone else had this?


mamagoose - January 25

I don't have placenta previa, but I've read about it. What I've learned is that as your uterus expands, the placenta may rise as your fundal height rises, so it's possible you will "outgrow" placenta previa if it rises high enough. They'll likely do another u/s on you later to see if its risen high enough that you can have a v____al birth, rather than a c-section. When they say it could threaten you or baby's life, that's only if they allow you to go into labour and the baby cannot be delivered due to being "blocked" by the placenta... and since they have diagnosed this in you early, they will avert this by doing a c-section instead... so don't worry, with good prenatal care, you and baby have an excellent chance of delivering safely.


stg111 - January 25

My Doctor told me the same thing at my 20 week sonogram.. When I went back for the follow-up sonogram, they said it was fine! I looked it up online and saw that early on a lot of women have "low lying placentas" which move up as the uterus gets bigger so I wouldn't worry about it.


tubbybear70 - January 25

Do you have previa or is it a low lying placenta? There is a big difference.....I had a low lying placenta and which means it is very close to the cervix opening, but not covering it. Mine moved up on its own as baby grew - which my DR was pretty sure it would. Good Luck and I hope you have a low lying placenta instead of the previa. Good Luck!


danimarie - January 26

shellster- at my 19 week ultrasound it showed that I have marginal placenta previa (or like tubbybear70 said..low lying placenta). My doctor labeled it "marginal" I read a statistic a few different places that out of all women that they see this on in an ultrasound before 20 weeks, it completely resolves in over 90% of the women. So for 9 out of 10 women it isn't even a problem. And basically, it is only life threatening if they don't KNOW you have it and it is covering your cervix and you try to have a v____al birth. But since they already saw it at your 16 week u/s, they will monitor it and if it doesn't resolve they will probably do a which case it isn't dangerous. I have to have an u/s in a week (I will be 28 weeks) to see if it resolved....basically, I am just looking at it as an opportunity to see my baby again and have my insurance cover it! It just gives a medical reason to NEED one instead of having to schedule one on my own just for fun. Anyway- I wouldn't worry AT ALL unless you have reason to later on!


baby020607 - January 26

I am a__suming by "slight case," what your doctor really meant was partial previa or marginal previa. I had marginal previa that did not clear until 30 weeks. Between my diagnosis at 18 weeks and getting the all clear at 30 weeks I was hospitalized twice for bleeding. However, both baby and I are perfectly fine! They just wanted to be cautious which is why they kept me for observation. I was on pelvic rest after diagnosis, and bed rest after my first hospitalization. At the 30 week U/S all my restrictions were lifted and I am now full-term, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for little one's arrival. Even if the previa has not completely resolved by your next U/S at 26 weeks, they should give you another U/S at 32 weeks or so to check it again. The most likely complication is that they would give you a c-section to prevent problems with labor and delivery if it does not move. Honestly, I wouldn't stress about it! You have a very good chance of it resolving before you deliver!


shellster - January 26

Thanks so much, ladies. This really makes me feel better. And to answer your questions, The Dr. said that is was marginal P.P. A "slight " case was my wording. And they didn't say anything about low-lying placentia. When I asked what the placentia previa was, they said it's when the placentia covers the cervix. Well hopefully it will resolve on its own. Thanks again everyone!



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