Plan To Drink Timeframe To Pump And Dump

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J - November 19

I had my baby and have started pumping a little and offering a bottle. If I plan to go out and have a few drinks, when should I pump and dump my milk? How long does it take for alcohol to reach brest milk? And do I just pump and dump once?


lurkingmama - November 19

You can pump anytime before drinking, b___st milk can be stored in the fridge for 24 hours and frozen for up to a year. As far as pump timing...while the baby is nursing use the pump on the other b___st...pump until baby is full...that should give enough milk for one feeding if not more.


Jen - November 19

In our childbirth cla__s, we were told that if you drink 3-4 drinks that you should wait 8-10 hours before b___stfeeding or using b___st milk, so just pump and dump until then (depending on how much fun you're going to have : ) Drink one for me too!


Sarah - November 20

I actually did some research on this subject after I had my baby and from what I understand you do not have to pump it(unless it gives you peace of mind). The alcohol works in your b___stmilk like it does in the blood stream. So after you started drinking and feel it in your blood stream it's in you milk. It's like if you were to take a DUI test-if you can't pa__s that(blood alcohol level) then you shouldn't b___stfeed until your sobered up. So it could be different amounts of alcohol for different people and different amount of time for it to be out of your system. You know depending on your tolerance level, weight, if you eaten w/ it etc.. Hope that some sence!


Lynn - November 20

The rule of thumb is it takes two hours for every one drink to get out of your system. So if you have 5 drinks, then pump & dump for the next 10 hours & then you shoul dbe o.k. Also, alcohol doesn't reach the same concentration in b___stmilk as it does in your blood BUT baby doesn't need half as much as you to feel the effects of it either. If you have about 1 drink an hour, eat with it, and generally if YOU aren't feeling the effects of the alcohol, htne it is being metabolized by your liver & there is no need to pump. However, if you plan on having a night out to make up for the past 9 months, then I would store up at least a day's worth of milk beforehand.



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