Planned C Section With Labor First

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alia_in_seattle - January 15

hi, i will be scheduling a c-section, but will wait for labor to begin 1st - has anyone else done this and how did it go? how long into labor did they perform the surgery and did you notice anything good/bad about the outcome in terms of your recovery and the baby, as compared to a planned c-section without labor?


sahmof3 - January 15

I don't understand... how can you schedule a c-section if you plan to labor? There's no telling when you will actually go into labor... unless they induce you, but I can't see a doc scheduling you to be induced and also scheduling your for a c-section! My first wasn't a scheduled c-section... I planned for a v____al birth, but he require an emergency c-section after 24 hours of labor. The next two were scheduled 6 weeks ahead. After laboring and having a c-section and just having the c-sections with no labor I personally can't see why anyone would want to labor first if they know they are going to end it in c-section. It was a MUCH harder recovery. Have you talked to your doctor about this? I can't see a doctor saying that they will allow you to labor knowing that you just want a c-section in the end. As I said, you never know when you will go into labor... and if you do and then suddenly decide that, 'OK, I want my c-section now" they could have a woman (or several women) with life-threatening or dangerous labor conditions that NEED the c-section right then and I don't think that would make your doc too happy! I don't mean to be rude, I just don't understand this at all.


BriannasMummy - January 15

I dont think I understand the reasoning behind wanting to labour, knowing that you are going to have a c section in the end. I know my doctor wouldnt schedule me to labour for a couple of hours, while I had a c section scheduled. Can u please just try to explain why you want to take this option.. im rather confused why you would want to cause youreself more pain then you need.. a c section gives enough pain afterwards. ~Kristin~


Tammy276 - January 15

I don't get it...What is your medical reason for having a c-section? If you do not have a medical reason for having one, why are you? A c-section is considered major abdominal surgery and the recovery time is a lot longer and harder than a v____al birth. And I don't get why you would wait to go into labor and then get the cs just doens't make any sense to me.


Lala - January 15

I think she means to wait for labor for the baby's sake. You have no way of telling if your baby is mature when you pick the date. I've seen many "38 weeker" who were happy inside to womb to be suddenly without warning to them, pulled out of the uterus, and whom turned out to be 36 weekers with pre-mature lungs! Also, sections babies can have a bit of "shock" to suddenly being born, without the changes that take place to prepare v____al birth babies during labor.*****Anyway, just a thought.


alia_in_seattle - January 15

sorry, should've explained - i've been advised i could go for a vbac, i did have a c-section 1st time as baby was breech. i'm nervous about a vbac though, very nervous. i've been three choices by my midwife, and by what the hospital policies are - to try a vbac, to not try labor and just schedule the c-section, or to wait for labor to start and then have a c-section soon after it starts - from what has been explained and what i've read, it's better for the baby if you wait for labor to start, for the reasons that the previous poster mentioned. i was just curious to know if anyone else has been through this.


djh - January 15

I totally understand your reasoning. I did not want to schedule my c's for many reasons, especially because I didn't want to walk in there feeling fine just to feel like hell after LOL. Also, I knew that when natural labor starts there are many hormones released that are extremely beneficial to the baby. Those hormones prepare the infant for life outside the womb. Since the risk of a uterine rupture is 1% or less with spontaneous labor I had no real worry about it. I also had 4 c's in 4 years to the day. While they were very reluctant to agree to this (like they have a choice?) they did give me a list of do's, don't's, and call us immediately's. I labored 5 times with pre-term labor with my 4th, very strong contractions too, and no rupture even with a very thin scar. You must do exactly as the doctor says, though, for rupture is a risk and you need to commit to either VBAC with careful monitoring or get right there for the section. Best of luck to you, I admire your wish to do at least some part of a c-section your way. Do be careful! Lala is right, my second son was caught sleeping even with a small amount of labor and he spent weeks in the NICU due to a collapsed lung from taking a frightened first breath in the womb.


djh - January 15

sahmof3, and the other posters do make good points as well...but I so hated my sections that I wanted to wait as long as possible, but that's just me. I agree, if you can have a v____al birth, I certainly would!



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