Planned Section At 38 Weeks Not 39

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surewinwilliams - March 9

My dr. scheduled my section for friday...I will be just 38 weeks...I think...unless my momnesia is working in full force! I just read a bunch of stuff about not inducing or having a scheduled C (unless there are other problems) before 39 weeks. Is my Dr. wrong? What are the risks of delivering a week before the 39th? I have always heard that 38 was full term....but i am NO expert! Thanks for the input!


mahagen - March 9

Hi Surewinwilliams, I had to have my daughter at 38 weeks as a scheduled induction because she was breech and we did the version where they turn baby from the outside of your belly. It was successful and I had her naturally. She was 7lbs and that was 2 weeks early so really it should be fine. She had not problems and I was able to leave the next day with her. She has been nothing but the perfect baby. I think the doctor would not let you have the baby if they thought baby was not ready or at a normal mature size. GL and hope that gives you some positive insite that it should be ok.


sarah21 - March 10

The only time something would be wrong is if your dates were off. As long as you're really for sure 38 weeks there's no real problem with doing a c-section at that point, you lucky duck! It sounds like your doctor is positive on the age and that it will go smoothly. Good luck!


brigitteg80 - March 10

I had my son at 38 weeks (via c-section) due to a blood clot. He was absolutely perfect. They did an amnio at 37 but thought his lungs were not mature enough. Good luck! I'm sure your baby will baby will be just fine.


ROBYN - March 10

I just had my son via c-section at 38 weeks it was a repeat c-section there was absolutely no problems and the baby is full term then you and the baby should be fine. My son was 7lbs 7 ounces and 21 1/2 inches completely 100 percent healthy. Hes just 3 weeks old today.


Stephanie_31 - March 11

Anything after 37 weeks is considered full term.



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