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jennifer_33106 - September 22

HEY!! Some of you know me, some of you dont, but please be advised that there is someone on these boards wishing for us to have still births and that our children would die. She has made several racial comments and it is evident she only wants trouble. I am not perfect and have said some harsh things to her but in retaliation to her threating everyones children. PLEASE POOR TASTE HER!! Go to the teen forum. Her name is YahIsaidIt. She has a post dedicated to her. Also look for Abortion Project as this has all started there. Please help us to get rid of this evil human being!!!


jennifer_33106 - September 22

FYI!! THIS WAS HER FIRST POST!!! ~~~Name: yahIsaidIT | Date: September 21, 2007, 3:25 Answer: DocBytch. All I have to say is a STILLBIRTH on October 9th would be bittersweet!! I would feel sorry for the innocent baby but it would serve YOU right! How dare you play God and pick and choose which of your offspring shall live or die. You shouldn't have been a stupid bytch TWICE and have unprotected s_x and gotten pregnant! You are a sorry excuse for a woman. Go play in traffic. I can understand you not like taking the pill daily, so be like me and get on the depo shot. The patch. NuvaRing. IUD. Plan B pill. Abstinence!!!! Hello! You say you work in the medical field WELL you should be smart enough to look into contrceptives besides pills. ABORTIONS are NOT birthcontrol! There are other options. Adoption (your probably too selfish to get fat just to give the baby away). Give up custody to someone who wants it. That baby didn't ask to be conceived, you did it and ur too lame to take responsibility! You are an atheist that's why your so ruthless and careless and don't care about anyone but yourself. You have no morals no heart and no soul. Don't get me wrong I in fact think abortion is wrong and it sucks but there after different circ_mstances to every situation. Some women are forced, scared, have now where to turn, do it and regret it, are too immature to make the proper decison. Whatever the list goes on to the women who deserve forgivness but your A$$ had not one but 2 abortions and it had no effects on you! Do you have feelings at all? How can you be a mother?! Your not sorry, upset, sad, shaken up, regretful NOTHING. You don't deserve a baby now. Your too old to be having kids and your a__s is evil and that's all I have to say. If there is a God there won't be a heartbeat on your next doctors visit. Maybe that will teach you something. This is to DocBytch not anyone else so the peanut gallery can save there comments I'm never coming on this website again. And sorry if I ruined your post guccigal. You knew you were runing that risks when you started this! PEACE! = Name: yahIsaidIT | Date: September 21, 2007, 3:38 Answer: On second thought, one last thing. You said you hate parents that abandon their kids? Well what the hell did you think you did? A responsible God fearing mature woman would have stepped up to the plate and taken care of her child or gave the baby to someone that could provide for him or her! You let the doctor suck it out and leave him or her in a cold metal pan as you went on with your life as it never happened. Abortions are so casual to you I'm surprised you even remember them. You disgust me. And like I said before good luck on that STILLBIRTH in a couple weeks. And if that doesn't happen then maybe SIDS will catch up with you. You deserve it. Karma happens (I'm just speaking the truth). You will reap what you sew. It just sucks that yet another innocent baby will have to pay for it. Your cold hearted A$$ won't feel a thing. Its a shame. =


jenna32 - September 22

wow, how could you wish something like that upon a innocent baby? a baby is supposed to be a blessing. it sounds like she is two sided on babies and purposely being mean!


jennifer_33106 - September 23

Yeah she is. I was not nice and shouldnt have said some of the things I said but I got so angry at someone wishing death on a child.


docbytch - September 23

Yep I guess it's gone and happened to me myself all embroiled in a b___h fest. Although this poster really started it. She wished my baby to die.


musicbaby - September 23

This person is obviously looking for a response and she is getting everyone upset which is just what she wanted.... Docbytch what she said to you was very upsetting and I dont blame you for reacting, but if everyone just stops responding to her then she will go away. She is simply having too much fun getting everyone all riled up to go anywhere at the moment. :-) GL


lucky3 - September 23

yeaisaid it sounds like a freaking moron to me. She is also a coward because after she said all thoses horrible things she claims she is going to leave . I think that she is just a twisted freak, that needs to banned from our forum.


January - September 23

Way to go DocBytch.. causing MORE problems LOL jk


docbytch - September 23

January...I's sad how trouble seems to find me. I should be used to it by now...LOL


WP - September 23

Docybytch, could this pregnancy get any crazier for you? What's a forum without at least one complete lunatic spicing things up, hmmm? (I meant yahisaidIT, not you docbytch :)


docbytch - September 23

WP and Sarah: Thanks you guys. This has been one crazy pregnancy that's for sure. Think little miss yahisaidit takes the biscuit as far as forum-fruitcakes goes.


HeavenisMine - September 23

She likes this kind of attention, that is what I fail to understand....maybe it is just beyond me....but why would anyone in their right mind get pleasure by people despising them?:(


docbytch - September 23

Or get pleasure wishing such horrible things on people and their unborn children for....what....stuff that happened so long ago. Yikes...remind me never to share any experience again! Geesh


kim00 - September 23

Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy docbytch. How much longer do you have?


docbytch - September 23

kim...2.5 weeks to my csection. He's a VERY big boy by US measurements. Apparently looks great though. The pregnancy has been really hard on me.....will be glad to be done so we can hold him and see him finally! Thanks for your kind words 8-)


name - September 23

Ugh, she posted some nastiness in my 'rape' thread in Single and Pregnant... whata loser.


Mrs.Steve - September 23

I think the best thing to do about this awful person is to not respond to her posts, as hard as it may be. I read her posts last night and was shocked at what I read. I know what it's like to get all riled up online when people make you angry. I've gotten worked up many times over an argument on these threads or when someone is just flat out rude to me. BUT, that one is in a whole other cla__s. It seems to please her to get a rise out of people. Anyone who would say such terrible things isn't wrapped too tight, IMO. I think that the mere act of being ignored would. It's no fun to argue with someone who won't argue back.



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