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socurbaby7 - November 12

OK.... this is very embarassing... but hey since no one really knows me... and i need to vent/talk i figured what the h__l... ok welll if u have read any of my old threads.... i have a very confusing relationship with my babys father who i really love with all my heart... but he had left me for another girl... but we had never ever been able to go a week without sleeping together... and i know thats bad and what not... but i found out the other day his new gf .... well shes a bit of a s___t,,, and had been cheating on him too... and well... she caught chlamydia.... or so i am told... and she still hasnt told him because she would have to tell him she was cheatin... but ne ways... here i am 36 weeks preggo (they changed my due date back to dec 7th) and i might have chlymidia???? like what the h__l do i do... i wanna tell my doc to check me... but i dont want my parents to know either... and my mom wants to come to my appointments with me.... my parents dont approve of me and my ex even being friends ne more cause he wasnt staying by my side... but ne way i dont know what to do... or how to go bout this... i knwo i need to get tested and i dont wanna hurt my baby... and i have been reading stuff about how they might choose to have a c section to prevent infection would i explain that to my rents... i dont know im rreally lost and confused... can someone please help me


sarah21 - November 12

Usually your Dr. checks for STDs your first or second visit where they do all your blood work. I would think the Dr. would already know.


margie - November 12

you need to get tested if you think you have been exposed to an STD. would your mom understand if you just told her that you need her to wait outside during the visit to ask the doctor something that you are kind of embarra__sed about? i would hope she would give you privacy...but at the same time, i remember what it was like to be young and parents in control and sometimes its easier said than done. really you need to have them check you though. i would just come right out to the doctor and say..."look, i have reason to believe the babys father may not have been faithful to me and i need you to check me for STDs because im worried about it affecting my babys health" its not like your mom doesnt know you havent had s_x before obviously, lol. good luck!


star_eyes - November 12

So you're saying that this came up recently and may not have been discovered with the original STD screening that you had done in the first tri? If so, then you definitely need to let your doctor know. You don't want to have something go wrong with your LO that you could have prevented. Your parents will get over it and so will you...Is there any way you can make a separate appointment to see your doc without your mom knowing? That way, if everything is all good then you won't end up having to tell your parents afterall. GL!


emfine99 - November 12

I would deff. have your dr check! If it came up recently, you need to get it treated before you have the baby because stuff like that could possibly get pa__sed on to the baby. I would just tell your parents that you don't want them going in with you to your visits because here at the end when you have internals, I feel it's kinda personal. Good luck to you! It soudns like the babys dad isn't worth it hun... if he's running back and forth to another girl, he's probably still pretty immature!


tish212 - November 12

ok...there are many options... #1 call ahead w/o ur mom knowing and tell them u may have been exposed and ask what needs to be done...that way ur prepared. then during ur appt tell ur mom u want to ask the dr to check u and u want privacy during the exam. then u can talk to the dr in private. chlamydia is treatable...I'm not sure if they can treat it during pregnancy but you are NOT stuck with it. u can also call the hospital (and transfer to the labor and deliver floor and ask a nurse or dr on call there what needs to be done) I have said this to you before and I will say it deserve better. I know you luv him but he isn't worth it. you are worth so much more...please space urself from him there will be a guy that comes along and loves you and ur lo and won't do this to you. I'm glad his gf cheated on him and I hope he finds out and is devestated since he finds it ok to do himself (i am not happy u were exposed) I really wish u wouldntput urself threw this....u r worth more sweetie...please please move on...I know its hard but u and ur lo deserve better...and as far as the std goes call either place to get ur info ahead of time (the hospital u can call 24hrs aday so u can do it when ur mom isn't around) and then just use the exam excuse...tell her u just want to see if ur dilated and see if everything is normal.... gl and keep us posted! hugs :)



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