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Michelle - October 26

I am pregnant with my first child, and I know that I concieved between the middle of february or very early in march. My last period was february 5th, and it never ever skipped before, but yet my doctor says that my due date is in january, and I didn't concieve until april. But that's not even physically possible. (If you get what I mean.) She said that I am only measuring to be 29 weeks and I'm too small to be as far as I think I am. She also said that basically if I am telling the truth, that there is or should be something wrong with my baby. But the thing is that I think I am begining to lose my mucus plug. If I go to the hospital in labor, in november like I am supposed to (by my knowledge), are they going to think my baby is a premature baby and do something to her that might hurt her since she's not premature? My oldest sister was born at 4 pounds 8 ounces and she was on term, so can't I just be having a smaller baby too? Please help!


rae - October 26

how is it not physically possible? were you not with anyone at all around april? but that is a very large time gap.. tell the doctors that you are sure of your conception date, and that you are pretty sure you are almost due. maybe they will wise up and give you the help you need and deserve. good luck! also tell them about your sisters baby, maybe that will help them to realize you are serious.


to rae, from michelle - October 27

I did not have s_x... sorry, that's what I meant by that was not possible. :) thanks for the imput!


>.< - October 27

Crazy doctors! I have a similar situation. I have two possible conception dates... End of Feb/early March or Late April/early may. I had s_x around 20th of feb, and didnt again until after april 20th. My period for march and april were both light and only 2days... sort of spotting i suppose. But I took a test in march when I had wierd eating habbits it came up negative! My doctors ... although I told them the story, came up with a conception date of end of March/early april and my due date is the first week of Jan. *laughs*... crazy. So if i were to go off my dates, I would be due Nov or LATE jan/early feb, .... its a wierd one. Even from my measurements at my first 3 u/s, ... they came up with 3 different due dates and settled on this one. First it was Jan20th, then it was End of Nov, to middle of Dec. Now I'm at Jan 4th. All from measurements and her lil calendar. So I could be in for a big one... either way. lol. I could either have a really BIG baby, or I have a really SMALL baby ... and they just sorta through the due date that goes in the middle to satisfy me... ((still throws conception date WAY off by a month either way))


Lesley - October 27

Michelle, go to see a different doctor and explain to him/her and get a 2nd opinion. That is one hell of a difference in dates!


kris10 - October 27

has anyone given you an u/s to see baby's development?


to kris10, from michelle - October 27

I had an u/s a few weeks ago, and I am having one this monday too. They said that my baby is healthy but is small for being the age I know she is. My mother had small babies, and the doctor she had told her the exact same thing... that she wasn't as far as she thought she was, but it turned out that my mom was right. The doctor said that the development was good, and the u/s was very clear and easy to see for 25 weeks (3 weeks ago), but she said that she is small and that's why I'm wrong. But the thing is that I have gained 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks, which is the most I've gained, the quickest, in my pregnancy, and I know that the baby is supposed to gain 1/2 a pound each week in the last month or so... the next u/s will help and hopefully convince everyone, but I know that my doctor is wrong on my dates.


Miranda - October 27

Michelle, I think that you need to switch doctors, even though it is a little late. The reason i say that is because my last period was also Feb 5 and i am due November 13. If thats true for you as well, you should be right with me at almost 38 weeks. And it would be perfectly normal around this time to lose your mucus plug. You should also be having weekly doc appointments now to make sure everything is okay with baby. Try to switch doctors or get a second opinion. I hope everything goes well for you!! Good Luck!


to Miranda, from michelle - October 28

wow, we are right together! My due date was originally november 10th, before they decided that I was "lying". We've tried to get a midwife, but she was scared because I am so far along. But I can't change to a different doctor because of my insurance.... no other doctor in maine takes mine. But I will try toconvince the doctor and hopefully the next u/s will convince them all aswell... thanks for the input! Good luck with you too!


Miranda - October 29

Let us know how it turns out! ;)


Michelle Again - November 2

I got another u/s, but when I went in, the new "nurse" had no idea what she was doing and the hospital had just gotten a new machine in that very morning. They said my baby weighs 2pounds 14ounces... "Give or take a pound or so." Ok, I'm sorry but isn't a pound a lot of a difference... especially in a baby? And last time my baby weighed 1pound 15ounces. The doctors are still convinced that I am only 30 weeks, when I believe it to be more like 36-38 weeks. I hate how they try to tell me what I know is wrong. And at the u/s, the "nurse" wouldn't even tell me anything. When she did tell me the weight, after I had to pound her for it, she said "By the baby's measurements", (which she measured without having a clue what she was doing) "She should be about 2pounds 14ounces... oh, give or take a pound or so." Wow, they really don't have a clue, do they! And they said I have to go back in 2 weeks, which they don't do unless you are up to 36 weeks. I think that they really didn't get anything from the u/s because she didn't know how to handle the machine, and I think they took my "dates" and just guessed on a weight for my baby. I know that sounds really stupid to think and to presume, but you should have been there... Has anyone else had this, or am I really over re-acting? I hope not, but maybe my pregnancy is making me crazy!



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