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amya - March 14

I am 39.5 weeks and having my first-it's a BOY! Doctor says I am still carrying kinda high, I am not effaced or dialated at all. I also have to go in this friday for another U/S to check the localization of the placenta. Doc says it's a little low. My question is, how long do I have to wait to be induced and can the baby drop and cervix dialate all at once very quickly? Because I dont even have Braxton Hicks contractions, I used to get them but havent gotten any in 2 or 3 weeks. I am just so nervous and cannot wait to hold him, I feel like I will be pregnant forever, because I have NO signs of labor!!! Sorry so long, thanks for listening though!


amya - March 14



nickie13 - March 14

I know your getting exited, i was the same way. when i was 40 weeks my doc checked me there was nothing. But 4 days later or so my husband and i had s_x and it put me in early stages of labor and i had to go to the hospital and i was 2 cm.( the head was right there too) i had the baby two days later so try some s_x alot of people said it works. they had to put me on the drip at the end of labor and beleive me it works fast


Sonrisa - March 14

I am also 39 weeks. I am at 2cm 1/2 and 70% effaced. I have been having contractions for the past 72 hours lost the mucous plug and still no baby. I have to say this is hard. My friend had not dilated, not effaced and everything happened once her water broke at 40 weeks. It is almost worse when you are convinced this is it...I am going into labor and nothing. The contractions are intense and I am still waiting. So I guess either way the waiting game is tough. They are planning to induce me next week. BTW...I tried s_x and i am still waiting. Yes, i got more contractions but they will not admit me into the hospital until i am at 4cent. or 5 min apart contractions.


Sonrisa - March 14

My point is that just cause nothing has happened does not mean that it won't all happen at once. My friend;'s water broke and she went from no contractions to having them 2 minutes apart. So you never know.


nickie13 - March 14

Its funny hows everyones labor is differnt. My baby is 21 weeks old and i forget the pain. I cant wait to get pregnet again.


flappergirl - March 14

i think the standard (in canada at least) is to induce after two weeks. Good luck!


soco25 - March 15

I can relate! Saturday is my due date, but I feel like I'm gonna still be pregnant come April! Everyone is different as far as dilation goes. My best friend was dilated for just short of a month when she was pregnant with her first daughter. I on the other hand, FINALLY became barely a fingertip dilated last Thursday... and I'm still only barely a fingertip dilated as of today. The doc told me that he's had women leave his office with a pushed back, tightly closed cervix and he would see them that night when he did his rounds at the hospital, so there really is no way to tell when the baby will be here, but don't lose hope.... it could still be soon! The most they will let you go is about 2 weeks, but most of the time you should see something about a week past your due date at the latest. Hope that helps, keep us posted, and good luck!!!!


DDT - March 15

I wasn't at all dilated before I went into labour. In 4 hours I went from 0 dilated to 2cm dilated. My baby had dropped before labour though, but I have heard of babies dropping during labour. My doctor didn't want to induce until 9 days past the due date. That is the hospital's policy...I know it is different everywhere though...check with your doctor. I also stopped having frequent BH's a couple of weeks before labour..I am ot sure why that is.


amya - March 16

Thanks for all you advice/support! I had the U/S and they didnt say much about the placenta, but they did tell me he is measuring 8lbs9oz so far! I am 1cm dialated, but thats all the news I got ;( I guess I should be thankful it's something new, thats what I wanted. Hope everyone is doing great....... or as great as we can be. ;0


MommyMeg07 - March 16

I never had ANY BH contractions, I was 2 centimeters dilated, and went into hard labor FAST about an hour befor I was supposed to be induced, ha ha. My doc. was willing to induce on my due date b/c I'm pet_te


SaraH - March 17

Standard recomendation is not to induce until 1-2 weeks after the due date although alot of doc's will do it sooner. Also women often go into labor w/o being dialated at all, so it can happen even when you aren't showing signs. That said you can also be dialate and effaced for a while before you go into labor. Just depends on you and the specific pregnancy. Also you're probably having BH's but just not realizing it which happens to alot of ppl too. Baby can also drop right before labor begins or weeks before it begins. So, hang in there. It sucks I know but just b/c it doesn't look like your going into labor soon, doesn't mean that you wont. Good luck and I hope you have your baby soon.


Natasha_26 - March 17

I was a little abt 37 1/2 weeks pregnant when I gave birth to my first baby boy. I didnt have any signs of labour and was carrying quite high too. Didnt have any braxton hicks contractions too. On the day I went into labour, I was sitting down and all of a sudden I felt fluid gushing down. Called the hosp and they said that my membranes had raptured. I was admitted and gave birth 8 hrs later. I was only 1-2cm dilated when I was admitted.


amya - March 20

I know that everyone is different.... and it's all up to the lil' guy in there, but do you think 8lbs9oz is too much for pet_te me? Is there a point where the doc says o.k, lets induce, my due date is 3/23/07 this Friday, I had a app. for docs this friday too, and they called to see if I could come in tomarrow(wed), do you think it's b/c of the results from my U/S I had friday? Him measuring that big, and w/ no signs of labor, and the fact that I am still carrying high, do you think the chances of him saying were going to induce or me asking and being induced are pretty good?



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