Please Help Chest Congestion Amp Cough

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lilaggie2002 - January 17

Good Morning Ladies, Well after a horrible night of lil sleep and lots of coughing...I am seeking help. My dr. has told me that all I can take is robitussin..not even sudafed, b/c of high bp problems. However, I am so congested and have been coughing so much that my chest as well as all of my stomach are seriously sore. I am scheduled for an induction within the next week or so...but I am so scared that this is going to turn into bronchitis. I have asthma and have had severe problems with chest congestion etc....usually I would just drug myself up, but now I am so concerned about my baby! Anyone have any homeopathic methods to clear up congestion? Thanks Ladies!


cindernar - January 17

I don't know if you've tried this, but I had a similar problem when I was pregnant with my older son. I drank tons of water, and that seemed to help me really get all of that nasty stuff out. If nothing else, you'll be really well hydrated!


KimS - January 17

Hey lilaggie2002.. Sorry you are feeling so c___ppy.. I am asthmatic too and was sick for about 6 weeks!! my ob finally prescribed a cough syrup, one with codein and it really helped, I only had to take it twice... I was also taking a lot of ventolin and was worried about the baby, the doc said it was more important that I be breathing, and my asthma has not affected the baby... I think at this point of your pregnancy, the baby has developed and is only getting bigger, so they are mostly worried about you!! and that you are getting enough oxygen.. so do what ever they say and whatever you need to to be breathing properly. I know this isn't much help but just wanted you to know that you are not alone.. I was so worried about my coughing since I was spotting so much and my belly was sore..I am now 36 wks and the doc says if I can cough myself into labour then more power to me.... Kim


goosifer101 - January 17

I just had this last week. I had it for an entire week and like you got to the point where coughing made my whole body hurt. My doctor told me I could take saline nose spray, which helped more than the robitussin. It cleared things up rather quickly, while it lasted. But unfortunately, you can only take that for three days (read the label). Anyways, my doctor ended up calling in a prescription for me called Z Pac. You take if for five days. I felt pretty bad untill the last day of the medicine. And now I am great. The good news is, as bad as I coughed and all, the baby is fine. He never got hurt from all of it. Good luck!


Bailey2786 - January 17

I had bronchitis in my last pregnacy it was the worst.. ugh so I know how you are feeling.. I actully had to take meds for the bronchitis..


Diann - January 17

I had a bad chest infection as well just before christmas. my gp suggested the following........lemon juice, honey and crushed ginger mixed in a gla__s. the amounts can very. but i was told make it to my taste. because it is NOT actual medicine you can take a tsp when ever you want and as much as you want. the first night i tried it and each night after i would cough for about an hour while trying to fall a sleep and then i could sleep the night thru. it's worth a try! take care


lilaggie2002 - January 18

Thank you ladies for the advice!! I have started using the saline solution and I do notice a big for the cough, its not as fierce anymore, but its still there! I have an appnt on Friday so if it hasn't cleared up by then I am sure my dr. will be giving me something a lil stronger than robitussin! I am going tomorrow (b/c we have been under an ice storm) to buy the ginger!! I hope it works cause I could really use the rest! Again...thank you, thank you, thank you!!



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