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jenni - December 11

h__lo everyone im 37 weeks and this is my first for the past month about ive been feeling really like out of body not me kinda "crazy" feeling it really scares me a i was wondering if anyone out there felt this way and if so does it go away after you give birth please help scared.....


to jenni - December 12

I don't think you are crazy--you are probably overwhelmed by the prospect of you new baby and giving birth! The pregnancy hormones don't help either--can you talk to your doctor about it? Hope you feel better soon.


Joanne - December 12

I feel the EXACT same way Jenni. I am 29 weeks pregnant and I absolutely can't control my mood swings. I feel like I have lost my mind. The only thing that seems to keep me same is this website!LOL. I am also going to be a first time mom, so maybe the fact that we are not 100% sure what to expect is a little scary for us. Good luck!


dew - December 12

I have felt different through out my entire pregnancy. I tell my family that I feel like I"m on a drug, but everyone tells me it's "pregnancy brain". I feel stupid and I forget everything!! I've been working the whole time and I will send and email or leave someone a message but by the time they respond, I've forgotten what I wanted. The only time I remember things is if they have to do with the baby. it's like he (my baby) is all I think about. sometimes someone will be talking to me and I find my self having to focus on making eye contact so bad that I forget to listen to what they are saying!!


dani - December 12

Yeah, I kinda feel weird too. I feel like my mind is somewhere else and I overthink EVERYTHING. I'm hoping it's the hormones, because I really don't feel like myself to at times.


jenni - December 13

wow guys you really made me feel a lot better i thought i was going to go nuts i realy hope i feel a lot better when the baby comes ive been having a lot of b/h contractions the past couple nights but nothing has changed other then lot havent lost my plug or anything wish something would happen im getting really bored!! need something to get excited about lol talk to you guys later thanks



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