Please Help I Can T Believe What I Did

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Guilty - February 23

ok so here is my situation. I admit my dh and I will occasionally smoke marijuana. I have not smoked since the day i found out i was pregnant in July. I am now 34 weeks,my dh will sometimes smoke but never when i am around. Well he was away for two days on business and i was home alone achy and cranky and just feeling miserable,(typical pregnancy issues) so, while i was cleanng up the house i found his "stash". Being as miserable and as "stupid" as can be i decided to smoke just a little to maybe relax. I took one little hit from a pipe, barely inhaled. It definitly made me feel better, but then of course i felt so guilty that i feel even worse now. I know it was a stupid thing to do, please dont tell me that, but do you think i caused any harm to my baby? I cant tell my dh, he will kill me. Please help.........


erin - February 23

I cannot say for sure since I don't know much about the stuff, but I find it highly unlikely that one little hit would harm your baby. I would be much more worried if you were smoking throughout your pregnancy. Make sure it doesn't happen again, and I don't think there will be a problem.


pnj - February 23

You need to be asking you doctor that question, not other preggo's who don't really know. Doctors know about the effects of mj with pregnancy and can give you a MUCH better idea of what you might have done to your baby. All this is going to do here is spark another bitter debate ... BTW - you can call a doctor, any doctor and ask your question without giving your name so you can keep your privacy and no one will know.


Maggie - February 23

Hi I'm an RN and I just want to rea__sure you that one hit off a pipe will most likely not harm the baby. Cronic inhalation of any kind of smoke whether it be tobacco or marijuana can cause damage. Try not to worry just don't do it again until the baby is born. And to Karen, she knows she made a mistake and she feels terrible why do you feel the need to be so rude? Are you a Saint among women?


mel - February 23

you didn't do any harm to your baby and don't beat yourself up about it. you're only human. just like every other woman in this forum. I haven't smoked in over a decade but still have friends that do and I know ladies that toked it up like freight trains (which I DO NOT condone btw) and their babies were as healthy and happy and as intelligent as could be. I'm telling you this in hopes to ease your mind, not to say it's okay to go ahead and fire it up. because even though the smoke itself will "probably" do very little to the baby, the obvious stress and guilt you're feeling from doing it could have adverse effects. so better safe than sorry. take care.


to Guilty - February 23

Actually, to Karen first... what's going through your head? A lot of anti-marijuana propaganda you don't even understand the roots of, most likely. I love it how so many women on these threads have no qualms about epidurals or taking chemical pharmaceuticals... just as long as their all-knowing doctor prescribed it for them, it must be okay! Never mind that marijuana is in a more natural state, & most of the harm it can do to a person (especially if the person only smokes once or twice... sheesh!) is make 'em want to eat a Twinkie. Marijuana is LEGAL in California, amongst some other places in the world. Why? Ever ask yourself that, Karen? Because I sure ask myself why the over-the-counter meds that various loved ones of mine have taken only to seriously screw up their health still are! And yet, I know a woman who smoked mj throughout her pregnancy, & her baby is perfect. Nice making a person feel guilty over something you obviously don't understand one bit. So again... to Guilty: Don't be! The criminalization & demonization of mj is highly political, very much financial, & also a bunch of bs. As far as wanting to be pure & not take any meds during pregnancy, I wouldn't let one slip up faze you too much. You're obviously a very loving mom-to-be to care this much. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy & your baby.


Karen - February 23

I don't profess to be a Saint among women. Let's stop sugar coating things to make others feel better. Our society is filled with babies being born underweight, abused, and infected with diseases, and so on. These children did not asked to be born. A child is a blessing so let's treat it that way. If you want to smoke up and have a few drinks after the baby is born- I don't care. But for the 40 weeks you are this childs lifeline. Why do anything to risk that? Guilty is at the home strech here 34 weeks (6 more weeks to go). Why do anything at this point. Also the feelings you have because of what you did is now causing you all sorts of stress that could of been avoided. I am sure your fine, but you should think before causing yourself unnessary burdens. An to the person who wrote "to guilty"- Pot is a mind altaring drug. So although natural it can cause all sorts of problems.


Guilty - February 23

Thanks for all your kind answers. You are right that i should not be stressing myself out about one little mistake. It happened, it's over and wont happen again. I thank all of you for making me feel better and not worse. Good luck in all your pregnancies!


no - February 23

Marajuana is not legal in California. It's legal ONLY if perscribed, so using marajuana without getting it perscribed to you IS illegal, even in California. I would check your facts because it definitely makes you uncredible.


redhead mary - February 23

oh come on now guilty... one puff?? hahhaha... i hope you had more than one puff for all the stress and guilt your feeling now....i feel bad for the women who are planning epidurals.... use nair on their body hair, paint their nails, dye their hair.... eat pesticide laden food ... some doctors will even prescribe tylenol with codiene or other addciteve drugs for pain while you are pregnant... And here you are having an innocent little hoot... hahahha.. i hope you had fun... Im in canada so theres no qualms about the legal aspects.. just the effects on baby.... i think it would have been worse if you walked through a hallway where someone was smoking a cigarette... dont stress mama... your baby is fine you just got a little paranoid from the weed man...hahahaa have a good day now.... stay outta that stash ...hahaha... I'd remember where it is though just in case..hhahahahha


J.J. - February 23

We're all human (okay, MOST of us are). We make mistakes whether it's that one smoke or gla__s of wine, whatever. Stress is Real. You do your best, but things happen. Women who do EVERYTHING right, occas have babies with downs, muscular distrophy, autism, etc. Women who don't follow the straight and narrow do too. Bottom line, life is unfair! Good news, risk of any conditions are low, the odds are good for a healthy baby. Maggie's response is On Target.


Monique - February 23

I'm with Lindsey!!


tjane - February 23

Marijuana is not legal in California. If you are caught with a small amount you may not go to jail like in other states but you are sited a ticket... I dont think that const_tutes legal...Marijuana is legal in alot of states "if prescribed"....To Gulity, I smoked every day of the first 3 months of my first pregnancy (before I knew) and I have a healthy, smart, active (no, add or adhd or none of that, 6 year old) You should be just fine!!!


to no - February 23

Technically, ANY drug is illegal unless prescribed by a doctor. Check your facts, & try not to be so literal. You know what I meant. Geez.


To Guilty - February 23

Dont be so hard on yourself,We all have our flaws.Even miss smart mouth karen.Your baby will be just fine.


kd - February 23

wow, some serious comments one is perfect and everyone has skeletons, I'm sure Karen knows about those.....God bless you for wanting to confess, and I can only tell you to not worry. I took a couple hits during my first pregnancy....was it stupid, yeah probably a bit selfish, but I strongly believe our bodies know whats ok and not ok for baby and BLOCKS out harmul things from the womb.....when you wake up the paranoa will be gone :)


kay - February 23

dont worry, its not going to hurt your baby. dont feel bad, but just dont do it again. my cousin smoked it the 6 out of 9 months and her baby just fine. so dont sweat it. and dont leason to what other people say about it being bad



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