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HELP ME - March 14

I am in week 36 of my pregnancy and so fed up to the point where i think i am cracking up. I have had SPD since the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy and no one has helped me in anyway possible and i went as far as to going to my consultant who just told me to grin and bare it as it will go away after the baby is born. Well easy for him to say i can barely walk im at home all day on my own and barely able to do anything with my 1 year old boy, i cant stand to have my partner near me and feel like my body is falling apart. Now i am a few weeks from the birth and i really do think giving birth will damage the pelvis even more then it is already. I dont want to end up having this thing permannetly or i dont want it for months after. i have put up with it long enough. I get fobbed of by midwives and doctors when i talk about it as well one of those pregnancy things. I am so depressed about it and i think more should be done about it. Has anyone had really unbearable spd to the point where they feel is so much agony they could die. how did you get through the birth. i am so terrified and depressed i feel like i am going to have a nervous breakdown.


? - March 14

Whats spd?


tasha - March 14

Hi there. Sorry that you are in so much pain, but I dont think that there is much that you can do except rest. It sounds like you are doing alot of that right now so just try to hang in there, there isnt much longer left. Have you tried taking a couple of Tylenol, or having warm baths. I have a little bit of discomfort but it is mostly from when I have been laying in the same position, especially my side, for a long while. Sorry to say it but there isnt much that the doc's can do, and I asked about having discomfort as well and they said that it goes away after the baby is born. I believe them because there isnt that weight of the baby there anymore, and your poor little muscles get a break from trauma. The doctor told me that there is only 2 little muscles that hold your pelvic area together, and them stretching is bound to hurt. Just remember that this is pain with a purpose and that you can and will be able to do it. Try stay positive. Hopefully that helped.


v - March 15

thanks tasha, thats made me feel a whole lot better, i know i havent long left but its pure agony at the minute, i have done everything there is possible to try and ease the pain. I wanted to go to the midwife and talk about been induced. Something that i am not to keen on but if i thought for one second i could get the next few weeks out the way i would. Its just one major problem at the minute. thanks again



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