Please Help Should I Call The Dr

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Brooke235 - November 14

i have been having some pretty painful pains this morning that feel like period cramps, but are more painful on my left side than right. i thought these were braxton hicks contractions but this is my first child so i am n ot completely sure. should i call the dr just to be on the safe side? i will be 33 weeks friday


Krissy25 - November 14

Since you are still on the early side i would call your doctor and see what he/she wants you to do. They might have you come in to the office or send you over to L&D.


Buffi R. - November 14

You can certainly call the doctor, but if you want to see if they go away first that would probably be fine too. A good test to check the validity of contractions is to drink lots of water (a couple gla__ses), lie down for awhile, and see if they stop. Or if you've already been lying down, get up and walk around. Any type of position change and drinking water usually makes Braxton Hicks contractions go away, but if they're the real thing they won't stop no matter what you do. They'll just keep getting worse and closer together. BH contractions can be painful, so hopefully that's all they are. Good luck!


Brooke235 - November 14

they ease up then like 15 - 20 mintues later they start back up again


margie - November 14

since youre still so early and theyve been going on for a little while now i think you should call the dr, they may want to do NST on you or something (oh and if they do that its no big deal, they strap a couple monitors to your belly, one checks babys heartbeat and the other checks to see if you are having real contractions) its still possible its just braxton hicks, but it cant hurt to get checked just in case


DaBonkElsMe - November 14

My doctor told me I should only call if they are closer than 6 minutes apart, and they go on for longer than one hour. Even if they are real contractions and they are 7 or more minutes apart, active labor is still far off (MOST OF THE TIME) But of course, like these other ladies said, it's not ever bad to call your doctor, even if it's just for peace of mind! Good luck!


treshala - November 14

i would call since you are 33 weeks. Just to be on the saafe side and to put your mind at ease. I call them for ANYTHING cause that is there jobs anyway :) keep us posted



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