Please Reply Im Freaking Out

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amanda - October 31

ok im not suer which part it actually is but my pubic bone va___a has been killing me its a constant pain i have no other cramps or anything but it seems to happen more so at night i have it right now and am debating calling the doctor but i dotn even know how to describe the pain doea anyone else experience this im 29 weeks any advice or stories would be helpfull


:o) - October 31

I'm not sure if I am having the same thing as you or not, but the past 2-3 weeks I have been feeling alot of pressure down there, my doctor said he could feel the baby's head already and I am pretty sure the pressure I feel is the baby pushing down! Hope this helps. ( I am 36 weeks)


Jodie - November 2

It sounds like it could be SPD (symphisis pubis disfunction). Ive had it with my past 2 pregnancies. In bed i would try keeping my legs together and if you need to roll from one side to the other, get on all fours to change sides


lena - November 2

sounds like your hip bones are spreading apart, if the pain is right in the pubic bone. it usually happens in the 3rd trimester, the bones are getting ready for the pa__sage of your baby, nothing to worry about


YC - November 2

Jodie did your SPD cause pain through your v____a. I hate to be so graphic but this pain actually feel like I have been kicked i between the legs sometimes. I am ok sitting but when I stand it hurts so bad. Once I am up walking around it's fine. Sometimes I feel like the bones are actually spreading. Im a first timer (33 weeks) so of course I worry about everything. Thanks!


kad - November 2

i get that same pain when i walk its in my pubic bone and i get st_tch like pains at the side of my stomach some times its so bad that i just cant walk any more , and its awful when im out shopping and cant move from where im standing has anyone else expierienced this? im 27and a half wks


Rose S. - November 2

I get the same kind of pressure and pain and I got it when I was pregnant with my daughter too. My doctor said it is normal. Another LOVELY side effect of pregnancy.....How much longer do we have to go???????? LOL


YC - November 2

Hi Kad, I have had the pains where I am unable to walk. It's so embarra__sing. It happened the other day. I sat in a 2 hour staff meeting, I should have known better and gotten up a few times but I didnt, anyway, when I went to stand up I could not walk cause it hurt so bad. Everyone was staring at me. I just told them my foot fell asleep and hobbled over to my desk. Rose S., PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this pain does not get only 33 weeks...ha!ha! wishful thinking right? How bad did it get for you?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 2

When I was pregnant I got the same thing, it probably sarted around my 8th month. There would be times I would not be able to walk. It did not get worse than that, but was very painful and no fun.


amanda - November 2

thanks guys for the feedback i called my doctor she made it sound like no big deal and said its prrobbaly cause my job has lots of ehavy lifting so im alot more at ease.theres nothing easy about being pregnant though haha



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