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Micky - May 9

Hi Ladies, I am 16 weeks pregnant ! This is my 17th week. At my last ultrasound at 16 weeks, the size of my baby was about 3.25 inches (8cm). I was expecting it to be 4 to 5 inches based on what I read on several web sites. Will you ladies please tell me what the size of your baby was at 16 weeks ?


Steph - May 9

Not everyone is going to be able to help you because not everyone gets ultrasounds at 16 weeks. Sorry...hopefully some can help you out!


ash2 - May 9

i didnt get my ultrasound untill 19 weeks, and i honestly do not remember my baby's weight at that point.


Been There - May 9

Micky, you are in the Third Trimester board. You'd probably have more luck in the second trimester board where people are within your range of weeks and things are fresh in their minds.


Micky - May 9

I know I am in the third trimester board..but was hoping the ladies may have the information in the baby book....I did post on the second trimester as well...Since not everyone gets an ultrasound at 16 weeks, I obviously won't get a lot of answers...That's why I posted in both places..


krista-lee - May 9

yup, that seems normal, its not extremely small or anything. you could also be measuring small, or your due date could be off : ]


Micky - May 10

My dates are fine since I had evry regular cycles..Looks like my baby is in the average range...also I feel the flutters....if it was too small, I would not be able to feel them this early..I hope I am right..


livdea - May 10

if your doctor wasn't concerned then I wouldn't be either! Good luck!


Rachel0510 - May 11

I got an ultrasound at 18 weeks and they didn't measure the length, they did measure her weight at 7 ounces.


Nerdy Girl - May 11

I have two kids. My youngest is 5 months, so I have cerntainly been pregnant recently. I never got a weight estimate for either of my two kids. Both of my kids ended up being quite large at birth too. I am wondering why they never checked me. Oh well, it's water under the bridge now.....



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