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mariah - November 2

I just had a baby over a week ago. She is sleeping fine,3,4,5 hours a night. I can't sleep. I'm so over tired I'm feeling crazy. I tried warm milk,bath,anything. I can't sleep. Im scared. Is this normal? ANyone else going through this or have been through this? What did you do to finally sleep?


kris10 - November 2

mariah- that sounds really frustrating. I would suggest talking with your doctor, he may be able to help with suggestions or give you a prescription. Do you have support? Maybe someone to take baby for the night so you can get some must needed R&R? If you have people offering to help, I'd let them. Hope this advice helps.. but really, I would talk to your family doctor - or even your child's pediatrician about your sleeplessness. Good luck.


NG - November 2

The same thing happend to me with my first , I did not sleep well from the moment he was born, my brain would not shut down. You could try lavender to help to relax. I do think it is a good idea to talk to a doctor about it and soon, being too tired can cause other problems like post natal depresion ( I got it) it took a long lime for me to come right because I did not ask for help. So my first 6 months with my baby where not as happy as they should have been for me or my partner. This time I am aware of the signs so will seek help ASAP I agree that you should not turn down any offers of help, I know we want to feel like we can be in control and be the perfect mother from day one with out asking for help, but the fact is after birth and pregancy our bodies need lots of rest and recovery time.


Marussia - November 8

You can get a Doula who will come in and take care of your baby at night so you can get some sleep.


TM - November 8

Try some yoga & yoga breathing. I've been so overtired that I just can't sleep and I've found the rythmic breathing of yoga as well as the movements to be wonderfully relaxing. Firstly though, try not to worry about not sleeping - that will make it even harder to fall asleep.



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