Please Tell Me This Is Not Possible

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Brooke235 - November 29

i will be 35 weeks tomorrow and when i went to the dr on monday i was measuring 36 weeks. so when i go back to the dr on dec 13 th he is doing an ultrasound to see if she is really big cause if thats the case then he might schedule a c section which i am kind of hoping for at this point CAUSE I AM SO MISERABLE! anyway- when people look at me cause my belly is SO big they ask if i am having twins. i had a sonogram at 10 weeks and there was one baby and then had my ultrasound at 20 weeks to find out the s_x - one baby then had another one two weeks later cause at the first one they couldnt see her face and there was still one baby. what are the odds after 3 that there is actually 2 babies in there!???


AmberNicole - November 29

Almost impossible, I would say. You're only measuring a week ahead, that's very normal. I'm almost 36 weeks, and I measure a week ahead. If you were having twins, you would be measuring much further along that 1 week. I know how you feel, I'm miserable, too. Can't wait to hold my little girl and have my body back to myself:)


DaBonkElsMe - November 29

Odds are almost zero. Of course anything is possible, but if there were two, they would have detected that by now. I know alot of people who were so big at the end of their pregnancies that they looked like they were carrying twins. My SIL being one and she had one 9 pound 12 ounce baby girl!! The baby was big, but there was only one. People would constantly tell her she looked like she was carrying twins. It would almost make her cry when people would say that!! Even if there were one baby hidden in the ultra sounds, they can normally detect two heartbeats!


Brooke235 - November 29

thanks for the response! it really freaks me out when people say that caue i dont think we could handle two babies at once!


margie - November 29

oh girl, you have no idea how many times ive had people ask if i have twins or think that i must be almost overdue by now, my tummy is huge! its possible its a big baby, or even that your due date is off by a week or so...but i dont think its really twins, some of us just carry our babies really big


margie - November 29

oh and they have measured me a week ahead and also want to check again on her size as im in the same situation as you are, they havent said c-section though, im a__suming it would be more likely to do an induction to be sure im not overdue if she is big. i am 36 and a half weeks now


cattac - November 29

your baby might not really be that big. My first measured 4 weeks ahead...boy...and he was 9 lbs. My second measured a week or two ahead kind of like you and he was 7 lb 13 oz- normal in my opinion! I had a friend and her dr thought she was having a big baby- he came out 6 lb 13 oz. The ultrasounds can be off a little.


cfuller - November 29

I am also measuring a few weeks ahead and I hear all the time how I look like i'm going to pop here any day. I still have 6 weeks to go too! I carry my baby WAY out there and i think i have a ton of water too, but i also know my baby is big because of how she feels and everything. I can't really explain it I just know she is big. I look a lot bigger than every other woman i kknow who are due before me. I seriously doubt you are having twins though, you can't miss two babies


sahmof3 - November 29

With my oldest son I measured the right where I shold have been for the number of weeks. He was 9 lbs. 5 oz. With my daughter I measured a few weeks ahead and had a few u/s's to rule out twins, especially since I had been on fertility drugs, but there was just one in there lol... she was 8 lbs. 3 oz. With my youngest I measured 40 weeks when I was only 32 weeks... even the doc was taken aback a bit... and I had him only 3 days before my due date. Believe me, by the time I got to 39 weeks people were staring at me like they couldn't believe I was walking upright LOL. He was 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4"!


January - November 29

Actually, it IS possible.. just happened to a friend of mine. He and his wife had 3 ultrasounds.. not til the THIRD ultrasound at 33wks, did they find that there was a 2nd baby in there.. She'd just had her second ultrasound a few weeks before because she'd woke up with blood in the bed and went to the hospital.. they did an ultrasound and found she had placenta previa.. only saw ONE baby.. He just text messaged me today, she's now about 36wks, they just found out at their 4th u/s that it's two boys.. different sacs but sharing a placenta. So, it IS possible.


January - November 29

but on another note, at 34wks I was measuring 40wks.. I had my daughter 3wks ago at 37wks and she was only 5lbs 12oz.


redmondsky - November 29

I call it the "you are out in public look of horror"...ha ha ha. My belly is HUGE - it's actually's been in the last 3 weeks too - we are 38 weeks now. CHIN UP and stick that belly out and waddle with pride!


Gemini_Girl - December 2

Hi when i was 24 weeks the baby was measuring 26 weeks weeks and by 28weeks baby was measuring 29 weeks, so what Im saying is it may still balance out plus a week ahead isnt that much! As for the twin thing, I get it too, "are your sure there is only 1 in there?! then they laugh as if its some great joke! after hearing it for about the hundredth time it gets a little boring! :)


BriannasMummy - December 2

Your chances are pretty slim.. almost non existant. They would have caught that. Also if you were having twins you would be measuring A LOT more then 36 weeks with fundal height. With my first everyone asked if I was having twins.. NOPE.. just one big baby. Babies lay differently inside the womb and s/he could be poking out a little more.. doesnt necessarily mean anything about the size of the baby. ~Kristin~



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