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sbyrd - February 5

Today the Dr. told me that the only way he will induce next week is if I am dialted to at least 1 and my cervix has thinned a little. I am getting desperate so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


sbyrd - February 5

I have my whole week planned out with a lot of walking, s_x , Evening Primrose Oil, nipple stimulation, etc. So any other ideas would be helpful.


Tammy276 - February 5

the truth is, you can try everything in the book and it is only going to work if your body is ready for could try raspberry leaf tea to help thin the cervix, but nothing is going to make you dialate...contractions are what make you dialate.


sbyrd - February 5

That is what I keep hearing an I am just hoping that my body is ready!! But I have heard that some things like castor oil can make you have contractions, which would obviously make you dialate. Thanks for your help!


Tammy276 - February 6

contractions will only make you dialate if they are real contractions and castor oil will sometimes make you have contractions, but you won't actually be in labor which means you won' t castor oil can cause the baby to go into distress and have a bm in the womb which isn't good........its just like BH contractions...they are contractions, but they don't cause you to dialate. good luck!


Natpink - February 6

Raspberry leaf tea is meant to be good, its not only meant to help bring labor on but also make it easer as well. im only 36 weeks but i have them waiting for when my time comes.


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

are you over your EDD? if yes than I would insist that your dr induce you with the cream or whatever they use know, i heard a pill? If your not overdue i wouldnt worry to much also about evening primrose oil, castor oil and raspberry leaf tea I wouldnt touch one of them! I would talk to my dr because that stuff can be really hard on your body and when your body is ready to deliver it will and if not the DR will use the PROPER ways to get things moving.



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