Poll Baby Size Estimates

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Hannah777 - March 27

Hi, Ladies I am 36 weeks and was told my baby will be rather big (possible 9 lbs or more). I am having an ultrasound at 38 weeks to confirm. Anyone had an ultrasounds this late to size the baby? How accurate are these estimates? Thanks.


janelle - March 27

Unfortuneately they are not accurate just an estimation they can be as much as 2 pds off.I have not personally had a ultrasound this late but I have heard of a few people who were told they were having 9 pounders and birthed 7 pounders. Sorry you are not gonna get an accurate answer.Keep us posted on how much they tell though and good luck.


Jenn2 - March 27

I agree with janelle. I am not speaking from personal experience, but from what friends/family have been told, and then what they actually ended up having. One of my friends was told from a 35 week US that her baby was 5.5lbs then, and then could expect to gain 1/2 lb per week until born. She gave birth (naturally) at 39 weeks, and had over a 9lb baby. If the estimate had been right her baby would have been 7.5lbs at 39 weeks. I also know a lady who was induced at 38 weeks b/c they thought her baby was getting too big, and her baby was only slightly over 7lbs when born (which isn't tiny, but not real big), so I would not let it bother you too much.


sphinxminx - March 27

I had an U/S at 38 weeks with my first daughter they estimated 11lbs I had my daughter she was 8lbs 3oz. I had her February 16th my due date was February 19th. this pregnanct my doc warned me that usually births following the first tend to have larger babies but again I'm not really worried. Just like the other ladies I wouldn't let it bother you to much.


Rabbits07 - March 27

I've not had one at 38 wks, but I did at 35 wks w/ my second and was told around 5 lbs. He weighed 6 lb. 13 oz (just about 3 days after ultrasound)


ash2 - March 27

i just had an ultasound at 30 weeks and they measured the circ_mferance of head, stomach, and waist. they said he was about 3 lbs and 6 oz


Cabbie - March 28

Ash 2, I just had my 29 week ultrasound yesterday and they told me my little boy is at 3.5 lbs. She said he is measuring a little big. Glad to see you have one about that size too.



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