POLL Gender And Shape Of Belly

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hc - January 25

I was wondering if all of you ladies who know what you are having could describe the shape of your bellies. For example, is it all in the front, or is it more of the barrell/apple shape? I know it is a wife's tale what gender it is depending on how you carry, but we unwillingly (baby had legs crossed at the u/s) don't know what we are having and everybody keeps commenting on the shape.... So i was just curious to see if it was anything to it! Thanks a bunch.


hc - January 25

oops, i just realized this question was asked on another thread - so i will just read up on that one!


Annette - January 25

My belly is round in the front and I am having a boy.


anita - January 25

my belly is usually round, but sometimes if the baby is in certian position it takes on a wierd shape (like one side sticking farther out than the other or sometimes it even looks like i have dents in my belly). it also sags really low *yuck*. i'm having a girl!


erin - January 26

With all my pregnancies I have carried the same way, high and all out in front. My belly looks like it's sticking out far but it's also kind of narrow. I have only had boys so far.


KLC - January 26

I am having a boy and I'm carrying high and all out front too. I carried the same with both of my other boys and with my daughter I just gained weight EVERYWHERE!!!


JP - January 26

I am all belly (even dr. was mentioning it me this week). I am kind of shocked because I thought I would be big all over the place (like my mother was and everyone else in my family). I don't know the s_x of the baby, but I feel great and I think believe it or it has something to do with the fact that my pregancy underwear is still fitting me (except the bras- I am up a cup size).


rk - January 26

I'm carrying high and round, looks like a basketball. That's the only place I've gained weight & I'm having a boy. Everyone who sees me says oh you're having a boy right? lol


Samantha - January 26

My 1st... i was carrying high, and looks like a watermelon- gained all over!! It was a girl.. and now this is my 2nd.. and im carrying all out front- high.. gained only in my belly- looks like a basketball.. its a girl!!!


b - January 26

Belly out front, watermellon shaped but vertically - I'm having a boy.


Janelle - January 26

I am carring high and all around me I am having a girl


Kim - January 27

I'm carring low, pretty much all belly. I have gained a little around my b___t & thighs. I'm having a girl.


Z.nina - January 27

my belly is high ,and round in the front too,i am having a boy.


Carmen - January 27

I am carrying high, and round as a basketball. I am having a girl!


sparkles - January 27

I'm having a girl and am carrying low and round like a basketball.


katie - January 30

Im carrying low and round like a basketball. Everyone keeps telling me Im all baby but Ive gained a little on the sides. Most people think I m carrying a boy but they say its a girl. but in all the u/s she was being difficult so i hope i dont get an extra surprise at the end.


Mandi_Lin - January 30

My belly is all up front and I am carrying low, it is shaped like a lopsided watermellon. We are having a little girl.



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