Poll How To Protect Bed In Case Water Breaks

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ca_pink - March 29

I was wondering how everyone is preparing in case your water breaks, especially while in bed. Are you wearing a pad to bed? using a waterproof mattress protector?


Elizabeth - March 29

Get a plastic sheet...they sell them everywere.


krnj - March 29

My water broke in bed! I was in bed & then I felt water going down my leg. I bolted up & ran to the bathroom, luckily I caught it in time! I was using a plastic pad that my friend got me from the hospital for the bed.


kh - March 29

You could use one of those quilted waterproof pads for baby's crib or pack & play, since you probably have one anyway. I'm really not concerned about it because the statistics of that happening are pretty low. You'll probably start having labor pains before your water breaks. But, you never know.


ash2 - March 29

one in 10 percent of women's water breaks . so like kh said, its very low. my water broke, but it was more like a trinkle, not a gush. it just went through my panties before getting to the bathroom.


Tess - March 29

haven't thought about that...:D


Cabbie - March 29

My water broke with my second as I was standing up from my computer chair. It was a huge gush. I use the cheapy plastic table clothes ($1 at WalMart) under my and matteress pad.


^lucy^ - March 30

im still 32 weeks.. should i start worrying about it or it's early for my water to break? what do u if it happens at work?!


pbj - March 30

It is very rare for your water to break before you go into labor. Just wear a pad, it will usually trickle at first if it does rupture. Most women have leaky bladders toward the end so you may already be wearing one.


Jewell24 - March 30

I have a tarp under my sheets. Some one my MIL knew water broke in bed and recked the mattress. I'm not chancing that. On the couch ect.. I sit on a folded up towel.


Nora1 - March 30

When do you need to start preparing for that???


Nerdy Girl - March 31

My water never broke with my 1st pregnancy. With my 2nd pregnancy, it broke two weeks before my due date at 1am in bed and it was A GUSHER! I felt like I bolted awake to realize that I was sitting in a swamp. Thank God we had covered the mattress with a waterproof pad. Otherwise we would have had to throw the mattress away. I would recommend getting a waterproof mattress pad that is the actual size of your bed, not just one of the smaller crib pads as others suggested. That way it will stay in place, not move around, and will protect the whole bed. I got mine at Kohl's for $15 or so. Yes, some of the posters are correct that only 10% of women experience their water breaking and often it is only a trickle. But I am glad I played it safe because I would have been very sorry!



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