Poll Mucous Plug

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anne - July 19

What weeks in your pregnancy did you lose your plug? (im 38 weeks and 3 days - nothing yet). Who here never lost it but had it come out with the baby?


Katharine - July 19

Lost it the day before 38 weeks (am 38.5 now). Last pregnancy, I don't remember losing it at all.


Jodie - July 19

I didnt lose it with either of my pregnancys until i was in labour. I freaked out when i was in labour with my first as when i went to the ladies i wiped and saw blood, the midwife said that was just me losing my plug


Wanda from NM - July 19

With my first, I lost it 1 whole week before he was born, at 41 weeks. With my second, I didn't see it, but my water broke one morning, and by 8 p.m, I had a baby.


brit22 - July 20

I am 34 weeks pregnant and i am starting to loose my plug. Alot of women think of the plug as an actual plug. It's like snot when u have a cold. Sometimes it may not be tinged with blood or a brownish color, so you may not have noticed it at all.


Sarita - July 21

i was 40 wks when i lost mine with my daughter...i was induced 2 wks later.


Katharine - July 21

brit-I thought that! I expected it to be in some "shape", but it really looked like snot from a sinus infection.


Heather - July 21

I had lost mine 11 days ago, Very mucousy and pinkish. Still waiting I am 37 weeks and have contractions only after s_x, sometimes for many hours. But obvisouly they go away. Ive got lots of pressure far down, so Im hoping it will be soon.


B - July 25

I just lost mine at 35 wks, 2 days. Mine was a jelly-like clear blob..sorry, that sounds disgusting i know.


Julie - July 25

I don't ever remember losing mine with my son.


Beth - July 25

Sorry if this is nasy of graphic, but I am 35 weeks tomorrow, and last week I was in the restroom and when wiping I wiped what looked like "c_m" after just having had s_x. It was awkward to me but thought nothing else of it, could this have been the plug?


Tammy - July 25

I lost my mucus plug and my son was born the same day.


Shelly - July 26

i lost mine in 2 times,on saturday with blood and sunday just "snotty"I'm 37 weeks now.



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