Polyhyramnios Amp Cleft Palate

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stephanie - May 4

Hi everyone. I am 37 weeks pregnant & just found out that I have polyhyramnios. Does anyone have this or know anything about it?Anyway during my u/s they also discovered that my daughter has cleft palate. I am so scared. I read that the baby needs to have surgery at 9 months & will be susceptible to hearing loss & speech defects & dental problems. Has anyone gone through this? I need some encouragement. Thanks!


livdea - May 4

Hey stephanie, I haven't gone through this personally by my cousin had a little boy who had a cleft lip and palate. I don't know about the polyhyramnios. The dr's new about the cleft lip and palate and they didn't tell her. When she was handed her baby (and NOT to scare you) he had a big hole in his face. His condition was severe. His nose was disformed, he had no upper lip, or palate. They had a fake palate that they had to insert to feed him so he could suck properly. I nannied for the little guy and I tell you what he was the sweetest thing! He's had several surgeries to give him a lip, fix his nose, place a palate in and he's had some difficulty with hearing but nothing too bad. We had to work on his speech a LOT. He had a therapist come several times a week. Its amazing how much babies learn when they are little making all those noises and sqwaks, but they really are learning to talk and well when they have a cleft palate it makes it that much harder. So this little guy has been through a lot. But thats only the scary stuff...now I can tell you that he is literally the SMARTEST kid I know, he talks SO well, you can barely tell he's had any cosmetic surgeries and he's great! I know my cousin had a hard time the first while, it's tough. But you were given your little bundle for a reason!!! And try not to worry, though its scary, it will all be fine! You'll have a lot on your hands ar first, I'm not going to lie but in the end it's all worth it!!! Good luck to you and yours! I'll be thinking about you!!


Micky - May 4

Medical science has done wonders in the past...Even the premature babies who don't have properly developed lungs are taken care of by the doctors. You and your little one will be fine...



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