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worried - June 15

i am 34 weeks pregnant, but baby is developed 35 weeks .Doctor says from all vitamins ive been taking!! The last two or three days ive felt a popping, clicking almost,, just under my right rib area. does anyone know what this is?


anne - June 15

sounds like the baby's foot. the baby has hiccoughs a lot too, so that could be it.


j - June 16

sounds like gas to me, try to walk a little and get your system moving?


worried - June 16

hey guys thanx for the advice..took your advice into consideration..Moved around a lot to, as im a server in a restaurant still. However last night the popping and clicking was more like a crunch and stomach went super hard, i think baby maybe running out of room real quick?


Jamie - June 17

I have something very similar - I'm 32 weeks, but baby's sized about 33 to 34 weeks - I have a popping/snapping under my right ribs, and noticed this morning that one of my ribs is actually distended out of place. Haven't had the opportunity to ask my Dr. about it, yet, though.


worried - June 17

met with my Dr yesterdat for my normal checkup and 3wks tests, my baby is huge! He checked me over and he said baby is pushing on my ribs, so he's going to have to induce me, in about three weeks. He doesnt want to do it any sooner as he likes baby to get a far to 40 wks as poss. But im being watched as he fears my ribs my snap!So i would go see your doc jamie asap..


Jamie - June 18

Easier said than done...my doctor's on leave right now, til after 4th of July. (I'm military.)


You are not alone - June 18

I have been pregnant twice. With both pregnancies, I had the same issues. I felt popping, clicking in my rib area too. I was told it was b/c I was having big babies. I had one at 32 weeks. He was at the 37 week level. My first was 10 pounds. I would not worry. Good Luck and Congrats on your pregnancies!!!!!!!



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