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bonnie1 - June 28

HI, i am 29w , i hear so many stories that people know the posi of their babies. for me i have no idea, how many others dont know the posi of their babies . I am still getting kicks generally in roughly the same spot, but the flutters seem all over.. when i lie on my left side, it does not stop, where as if i am lying on my right, i dont feel as much,, could the babys head or feet then be on the left.. hmm-silly question.. also when i feel my belly it all feels the same, and i dont want to go jabbing around in there, even though i know they cant be hurt, but should i at 29w be able to feel feet etc?? thanks


livdea - June 28

at 29 weeks I had no idea where my baby was. I had an idea by how frequent the kicks were and where they were located but not until I got bigger did I know know where she was! I poke and prod a lot! I can feel little legs and feet from time to time but it's easiest to find her back! it's the hardest thing that sticks out! just wait, you'll be finding your little one soon enough!


julesnac - June 28

great question i was thinking the same thing. with my first i could feel his b___t sticking out right under my ribs. i'm 28 weeks and i've tried to figure it out by where i feel the kicks too but i think he still moves around too much!


dee23 - June 29

alot of ppl are different i guess. i felt him turn around week 25, im 37 weeks and he is still in the same spot. i could really tell for some reason....sensitive skin maybe?


krc - June 29

once your past 30 weeks when the baby gets around 3lbs or so I think it is easier to tell but im speaking from my own experience obviously. My man was breach for a long time and I could tell because of the pressure and how the top of my uterus felt. The head was firmer and more round than the b___t, but at 31 weeks he turned and I felt it and doc confirmed it. Now I can tell if he is diagonal or straight up and down, on the left or not. His hands and elbows feel much different than knees and feet. It is very obvious, you'll notice it the bigger he gets.


Deb - June 29

My doctor couldn't tell my baby's position exactly until I was 36 weeks, so don't worry. Besides, you are early enough that the baby can continue to change positions on you. Once you get farther along and there is less room in there for your baby, it will settle down in one position.



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