Positive For Group B Strep Freaking Out

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meg - May 19

I just came from my weekly checkup & my OB informed me that my culture for GBS was positive. He said it was no big deal & that they'd just give me antibiotics during labor. Well, I just looked it up on the Internet & it sounds much worse than he made it sound!! I read that 2000 babies a year die from their mothers having this infection, & that it can also cause babies to be born with handicaps they otherwise would be born without...etc...! This is my second child, with my first my GBS test was negative, so I didn't even give it a second thought...can anyone help alleviate my fears or is it really as bad as the Internet makes it sound?? Thanks.


Krissy25 - May 19

MEG, i know it seems scary but really it's fine. A lot of women, including myself, test positive and have perfectly healthy babies. Really, put any bad thoughts out of your mind and relax. You will get antiobiotics and your baby will be healthy.


fefer1 - May 19

it's totally fine Meg!!! Don't stress about it. They will give you AND the baby I believe, antibiotics and you will both be just fine. Lots of women are positive for it. :)


ChattyKathy - May 19

Google can be a horrible thing. Now your doctors know you have it and they can give you the antibiotics before your baby pa__ses through the v____a. I doubt you will see any problems from this, despite what google says, so try to relax!


LIN - May 19

Let's get a little perspective here. There are around 130 million babies born every year, and 15% to 40% of women are strep B positive. So if 2000 babies a year die from mothers having strep B, you've got between a 1 in 26000 and a 1 in 9750 chance of this happening, which is next to nil. You've got a much higher risk of your baby having a terminal genetic condition, and the likelihood of THAT is next to nil. There's no reason to worry about it.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 20

aww, hon..


HeatherIsHopeful - May 20

aww, hon.. Im sorry :( I get my results back on Wednesday and Im kinda freaking out to... but like the other ladies said you have almost nothing to worry about, al they have to do is the antibiotics during labor which by the way... they may have explained this already... you have to go to the hospital right away when you think you are in labor because it takes awhile for the antibiotics and such, do when you would have normally labored at home for awhile until your contractions got really close together you are gonna have to go to the hospital so they can give you the antibiotics =/ anyway, dont listen to the internet lol Im sure you and your will be fine :)


mandee25 - May 20

Googling is evil! I tested positive with my first baby for GBS and he is totally fine. I tested positive again with this baby so I will get the antibiotics. The only thing that kinda worries me is my first labor was quick and that was only 18 months ago so I am figuring this one could be quicker. Thank God I live a 10 minute drive to the hospital.



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