Post Partum Contraception

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Ranya - October 9

Hi girls, has anyone given it any thought? Dh hates condoms and I don't want to mess with my hormones (bcp) and I'm afraid of inserting an IUD because of the many side effects I've heard of...any ideas regarding the matter ladies?


Jennifer - October 9

Im about to start my birth control in a week and a half. Im b___stfeeding so I have very few choices as to what I can take and my boyfriend hates condoms as well (so do I) :-). They have a pill that is very safe and very effective while b___stfeeding that you can start 3 weeks after giving birth so that's what Im going to try. Once you're done b___stfeeding you have to change to something else cause it's not really all that effective when not b___stfeeding. Just do some research and talk to your husband before making any decisions.


Jennifer - October 9

But I would highly reccommend not inserting anything and definitely not getting the shot cause you cant reverse it for 3 months if you get any side effects. ya know??


Ranya - October 10

Thanks Jennifer, you are right I do need to do some research, explore all our options. I don't live in the US so I don't know if this milder version of the pill is available here, can you give me a brand name (and I'll also ask my doctor)? Good point about the shot, never thought how annoying it would be to put up with side-effects for 3 months!!!


lisa - October 10

im pretty sure a friend told me you can take the mini pill, its not the combined pill and is safe to take while b___stfeeding, although im sure the first few months s_x will be the last thing on your mind or what your poor sore v____a wants


Ranya - October 10

Yikes the thought of s_x after what poor v____a is going to go through is very remote but I definitely don't want to have another baby back to back...I'm still not there but mom, sisters, sil, mil are all warning me...


? DH? - October 10

Whats a Dh?


Ranya - October 10

DH stands for Dear/Darling husband...on some occasions it can stand for dumb/dorky/delinquent (or whatever you can come up with)...husband ;)


J - October 10

My husband is getting the snip! We have decided 2 children are plenty and I've been through enough and have been on birth control for over 10 years prior.



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