Posterior Postion Question

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mrose - December 27

Hello ladies, I went to the doctor today to have an ultrasound done, I am 38wk 3 days, the dr believed the baby was well over 7lbs, and if she were over 7.5lbs i would have to have a c-section b/c my pelvis is too narrow. well, I got some good news, the ultrasound tech said the baby appeared to be just a little over 6lbs. but....she's in a posterior "Sunny side up" position, so that might cause a problem. My question is, have any of you delievered a baby in a posterior position or able to get the baby to turn over? If you were able to get the baby to turn over, how did you do it? I"ll see a midwife tomorrow to discuss the ultrasound I guess, and then I'll go back next week to see my dr. i just kinda want to know what to expect...thank you ladies!


cayingo - December 27

I had the most horrendous back labor w/ my DD b/c she was in the posterior position. After about 10 or 11 of my 12 hours in labor at the hospital she turned on her own, and i got almost immediate relief.


reblurich - December 27

I like cayingo had a sunny side up DD the doc turned her after 14 hours of back labor and she literally popped right out. I now have arthritis in my left hip from 14hours of labor. She had a cone head too, from laying in the birth ca___l for so long. The pictures of it did not give her cone head any justice.


BriannasMummy - December 28

My sister had a baby that was posterior.. the doctor came in and turned her, and my sis says that it was awesome relief. ~Kristin~


mrose - December 28

so the baby can be turned during labor, do you ladies know if there is anyway to try and get the baby to turn before labor begins? any exercises or anything?


star_eyes - December 28

I was told in my Labor cla__s that the doctors or nurses will often have you do pelvic tilts during labor in order to help turn the baby. It's supposedly quite common for the baby to be faced that way up until delivery. Good Luck!!


sarah21 - December 28

It causes horrible terrible back pain but it is not usually a problem for the delivery medical-wise. Just really uncomfortable.



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