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durante baby - October 8

OKay so I had my second baby boy sep 2nd, and I have talked to several women who have had thier baby after me and arent bleeding anymore. I have read in some places that any bleeding after 54 days is considered your period, but I dont remember bleeding this long with my first and it seems to be getting worse with more cramping.....Im just worried because I ended up with a really bad infection after this c-section, and I went back to work one day shy of a month after haveing the baby due to finacial reasons. I work construction so it is nothing easy on the body, and I am overly parinoid of that infection comming back. So does anyone know what is the norml exspected bleeding time after having a baby?...I think if my infection was comming back I would know considering how painful it was, but that doesnt rule out any other possible problems that could come from going back to work so early, or just ingeneral......I just seem to have bad luck with these sort of things....any info or advise is appreciated.


Tory1980 - October 8

Working a physical job can make the bleeding worse but it could be a sign of infection. You don;t necessarily have to have pain with infection but the cramps are your warning. Financial or not you really shouldn't be working yet sweetheart. There is a strong reason why you need 6weeks plus to get over the operation. It is MAJOR abdominal surgery, you haven't just 'delivered a baby' and you need to let things heal. I bled for different amounts of time after the three I have had. My first I beled for 10 days, my second just under three weeks and my third for about 12days and then spotting on and off for a week or two. Different women bleed for different periods of time, my sister bled for 8weeks after the birth but she had a retianed placenta and a lot of poking around so she put it down to everything being aggravated. I would talk to your Doctor asap just in case they want to check you over. Congratulations on your son!


Stressed - October 8

I had my son 12/13/05 and bled for a year! My doctor thought it was hormones due to my age, we tried every birth control and hormone known to man. He eventually opted to do surgery to clean me out and check for cysts etc. Well it turned out I had an infection from a tiny piece of afterbirth that never became a huge infection but a long time infection. I was put on medication and it took another few weeks but finally stopped bleeding 1/31/07 and was pregnant 2/10/07! I had no pain, no discomfort, no odor nothing to make us think there was any type of infection. We were both shocked it had gone so long and not made me quite sick.



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